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"Poetry Prose and Acoustical Jam 2007"

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Following tradition, the 15th performance of Wayne College's annual Poetry, Prose, and Acoustical Jam took place on the fourth Thursday of February - February 22, 2007. Sponsored by Waynessence, Wayne College's literary publication, and with support from the Smucker Learning Center, the Filling Station was once again the site of a College-community evening of poetry and prose readings, interspersed with vocal and instrumental music. Wayne College photography students, with encouragement from their professor, Carl Subich, completed the mood with their photography show. (PPAJ Home)

John Lorson

John Lorson, co-advisor of Waynessence, served as master of ceremonies. Waynessence editor-in-chief Danielle Sobczyk and Waynessence co-advisor Susanna Horn welcomed guests. Amanda Feaster, Josh Friedt, Sylvia Lorson, and Student Ambassador Sonya Wagner also served as hosts.

Gretchen Pleuss, a sophomore at Orrville high school, opened the evening with several original songs, accompanying herself on the guitar. Gretchen has several CDs to her credit.
  Gretchen Pleuss
Marjorie Keil   Next, Poetry, Prose, and Acoustical Jam founder, Marjorie Keil, who now works as coordinator of the Writing Labs and as Interim Director of Developmental Programs on the Akron Campus, treated us to a 14-year retrospective of PPAJ, focusing on the successes of former and current PPAJ participants.
Whitney Reynolds, a 10th grader at Medina High School, has been expressing herself in poetry for 5 or 6 years; one of the poems she read was “Not What She Seems.”   Whitney Reynolds
Mary Ann Fear   Mary Ann Fear, from Copley, read “Memories,” “Night Music,” “The Yearning,” and other original poems.
Emily Curie, retired language arts teacher and observer of life, writes a poem every day. Her humorous poem about technology was especially meaningful to the Learning Center workers who regularly observe her sharpening her skills in the computer lab.   Emily Curie
Don Curie
  Don Curie added a dramatic flair and German accent to his wife Emily's final poem.
Kortni Moore   Kortni Moore, who is 9 years old and attends Portage Elementary, has had the desire to play the guitar since she was 3 years old. PPAJ was her second stage performance, and she played and sang “You Are My Sunshine.”
Joy Winstead of Mogadore is a published poet who also writes poems and stage plays as a hobby.   Joy Winstead
Carissa Engle   Seventh grader Carissa Engle has recently begun writing poetry. She read her original creation, “Beyond the Windowpane.” Her other creative outlets include theatre, piano, and flute.
Steph Durwin, a freshman at Jackson High, enjoys art, basketball, and other sports. She read “Supply and Demand,” which will be included in the Spring 2007 edition of Waynessence.   Steph Durwin
Theresa Gottl   Theresa Gottl of Brunswick started writing in first grade and is a veteran of numerous “open mic nights.” Among the poems she read were “Muse” and “While Trying to Fall Asleep.”
Garrett Rucinski, a senior at Central Christian High, played his guitar, sang, and read poetry. His topics were McDonald’s and love at first sight.   Garrett Rucinski
Braden Rucinski   Braden Rucinski, also a student at Central Christian, is an aspiring writer who participated in the Power of the Pen competition at the state level. His original prose selection was a detailed description of the ultimate “grounding” experience!
Group Shot
  During intermission, photographer Wallace Ball lined up all the performers for a group shot. Meanwhile, the audience enjoyed free coffee, compliments of AVI. Proceeds from the Waynessence snack sale will fund the prizes for the magazine’s cover contest, which the staff awards to artists whose work is chosen for the covers of the Spring semester edition. Waynessence also sold note card stationery featuring photographs and artwork that appeared in past editions.  
John Lorson began the second half of PPAJ by sharing with the audience the less-than-romantic Valentine’s Day poem he wrote for his wife.   John Lorson
Paula Miller   Then Paula Miller, a peer tutor in the Writing Lab on the Akron campus of the University of Akron, entertained the audience with her sweet voice. Paula made her guitar playing debut at PPAJ three years ago. The audience especially enjoyed her humorous song about a cat looking for lunch, which she composed herself.
Lauren Jones, a sophomore at Medina High School enjoys all types of writing. She read “Desdemona” for her public poetry-reading debut.   Lauren Jones
Ben Lorson   Ben Lorson, a returning PPAJ participant, read his original poems “A Boy Who Loves Life” and “One.” These poems will appear in the Spring 2007 edition of Waynessence.
Tom Koppert, a creative writing student from Loudonville High School, said he has come a long way as a poet since he began writing. He made a dramatic poetry-reading debut with “Suicide Sea.”   Tom Koppert
Mark Solars   Mark Solars, a teacher in Ashland, read his works about the Mohican Car Cemetery, the Akron Greyhound Bus Station, and Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland.
Mary Harrison of Medina was another first-time poetry reader. Her original poems included “Fox Glove,” “Where Are You?” and a sonnet titled “A Honda Farewell.”   Mary Harrison
Kim Tapie   Kim Tapie is an award winning poet. She read “Lost Laments” (about a search for reading glasses), “Spirit Returned,” and “Crossover,” about hay rolls. Kim also writes song lyrics, and she played a CD of one of her songs.


John Lorson wrapped up the evening with a humorous lament about an icicle hanging over his driveway.

John Lorson

Special thanks to the maintenance crew, Word Processing, and Technical Support Services, who worked together to make the 15th annual Poetry, Prose, and Acoustical Jam a memorable, refreshing evening.