Admissions to UA Wayne College

UA Wayne College operates under a policy of rolling admissions, which means you will receive a letter of admission as soon as all of your credentials are on file with us. However, no decision can be made final until complete credentials are received. Because of that, there is no established date for notification since it is an ongoing procedure. If you have questions, or for further information please contact us by email:

Admissions Procedures

  1. Submit an application by using UA's Online Application.
    You will have the opportunity to select Wayne as campus of attendance.

  2. All new freshmen must submit a high school transcript or GED scores.

  3. SAT and ACT test scores are not required for admission for the 2021 admissions year (2021 spring, summer or fall semesters). SAT and ACT score will also not be required for the 2022 admissions year (2022 spring, summer or fall semester). See answers to your questions about our test-optional admissions requirements.

  4. All transfer students must request an official transcript from each college attended.

  5. All R.N./L.P.N.s must request a transcript from nursing schools attended.

Click on the following links to find out more information about the admission procedures for the various student types:

Complete assessment testing in reading, math and English in order to be placed in appropriate courses. Meet with an academic adviser for proper placement and scheduling assistance.

Once you are registered, refer to your bill for fees payment deadlines. Payment of fees completes the registration process.

If you apply to the Akron campus, but later decide to attend Wayne College, you need not complete another application for admission. Akron will simply forward your application to the Wayne campus.