The Testing and Assessment Center at Wayne College provides services in administration and proctoring of computer-based tests and online exams. The center maintains standardized procedures and services in a secure and controlled environment for testing while serving the needs of prospective students, current students, alumni, faculty, staff and the community.

University of Akron Students – If you would like to schedule a proctored exam, please contact Kimberly Schlue, Manager of Testing & Assessments at 330-684-8983 or  

New Student Testing

Prospective students who have been accepted to Wayne College may be required to take one or several placement tests in mathematics, reading and writing. These placement tests are ACT Compass assessments.  They are computer-adaptive tests that help place students into appropriate courses to ensure student success. The ACT Compass placement tests are un-timed so students can work at their own pace. Scratch paper and calculators are provided. Students must bring PICTURE IDENTIFICATION.

Prospective and current students may prepare for the ACT Compass assessments by practicing sample questions available at the following web site: There is a link to the right for more preparatory sites.

Prospective and current students may also be asked to take the CISBR, the Computer Information Systems Bridge test and a five minute, timed typing test called the Tap Dance. The CISBR is a one hour, comprehensive exam covering software fundamentals, computer concepts and knowledge of windows.

To schedule a test, please call the Office of Student Services at (330) 684-8983.

For more information, contact:
Kimberly Schlue M.Ed.
Manager Testing and Assessment Services
Office SLB 203A
Phone: (330) 684-8983 or toll free at 1-800-221-8308, ext. 8983

For testing and assessment services at The University of Akron or other UA satellite locations please see the link below.

UA Placement Tests