Academic Advising

Academic advising at the Wayne Campus is concerned with assisting the student in making the best possible decisions about academic life. The academic advisor is a "generalist" and helps the student to select from available programs the one most appropriate to abilities and interests, and to establish realistic academic goals in terms of sensible credit loads, proper choice of courses, study habits, outside workloads, and other circumstances affecting the student's academic life.

The advisor also serves as a reliable storehouse of information about program demands and administrative procedures. The advisor possesses a thorough knowledge of the University community and its members and maintains a comprehensive and current awareness of developments and requirements in all University programs.

The advisor is familiar with administrative procedures such as admission, registration, withdrawal from classes, credit-by-examination, advanced placement credit, intercampus/intercollege transfer, probation and academic dismissal. Finally, the advisor acts as a referral source for the student with specialized needs.

All Freshmen will be required to meet with their Academic Advisor each semester before scheduling. Upperclassman are strongly encouraged to schedule a meeting with an advisor each semester.

Academic Advisors at the Wayne Campus           

Wendy Cundiff
Manager of Academic Advising


Jim Lawrence
Coordinator of Academic Affairs and CCP Advising

Charlene Kemp-Queener
Academic Advisor I

A student wishing to talk with an advisor can simply stop in or call the Student Services Center at the Wayne Campus, 330-684-8900, to schedule an appointment. Academic Advisors are meeting with students in person, virtually or by telephone.


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