Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

New students will be scheduled to meet with an adviser after they have received their letter of acceptance to the College and have taken any placement tests required. Continuing students are encouraged to meet with an adviser at least once during each registration period.

Fall Semester: Early April through the first week of classes
Spring Semester: Mid October through the first week of classes
Summer Semester: Mid February through the first day of classes

The exact start dates of each registration period vary each year. This information can be accessed on Waynemail as each registration period approaches.

Advising appointments can be made in person in the Student Services Office or by telephone, 330-684-8900 or 1-800-221-8308 ext. 8900.
Students are not assigned to a specific adviser. All advisers will have access to your student file and will be able to assist you. You may request a specific adviser at the time you make your appointment if you wish to do so.
Continuing students who are in good academic standing (2.0 GPA) and have no outstanding bills are able to register for classes online. Instructions are included in the Wayne College schedule of classes and in a pamphlet available in the Student Services office. Online tutorials on Web registration are also available through My Akron. It is recommended that only students who are sure of their degree requirements and general education requirements specific to their major should opt to self register.
Curriculum guides for all Wayne College and University of Akron programs are available in the Student Services Office. Most of these guides can also be found on the carousel next to the computers at the front of the building. Curriculum guides are also available on the Wayne College or University of Akron webpage under “academics.”
Curriculum guides for certificates and associate degrees list all of the courses required to complete the program. Curriculum guides for baccalaureate degrees include freshman and sophomore courses. Remaining requirements of these programs can be found in the University of Akron Bulletin, available in the Student Services Office and at
“Undecided” is the most common major of incoming freshmen on most college campuses. However, it is in your best interest to resolve this indecision as soon as possible. Although there are general courses that all baccalaureate students must take, specific requirements from the general education program categories vary significantly between majors. Therefore, undecided students should actively take steps to explore possible majors. An appointment with the career counselor is an excellent first step. Talking with faculty, other students and individuals working in a field that you are considering may also help in this decision making process. Please contact the Career Services Office for more information or an appointment, 330-684-8928.
Advisers will do their best to ensure that all credits apply toward your major; however, after the first semester this becomes increasingly difficult for undecided students.
Students who are enrolled in 12 credits or more are considered full time students. Some types of financial aid require students to be enrolled full time. Apart from financial aid issues, students need to determine how much time they have each week to dedicate to studying. It is generally expected that for every hour spent in class, there will be 2 hours of preparation work outside of class. It is recommended that your credit hours + preparation hours (2 X credit hours) + work hours not exceed 60 hours per week.
Students may enroll in classes on either campus regardless of the location of their file. Dividing classes between the Wayne and Akron campus during the same semester may significantly affect tuition and fees, so it is recommended that students talk with the cashier to clarify this prior to enrolling in courses on both campuses during the same semester.
When a student is ready to transfer to the Akron campus, they must make an appointment with an academic adviser to sign the intercollege transfer (ICT) paperwork. Once this paperwork is processed, the student will receive an admission letter from the college to which the file was transferred. Students may receive advising only on the campus that holds their hard copy file, so it is very important that students take care of the transfer paperwork in a timely manner.
Students in a baccalaureate program will find this information on the back of their curriculum guide. The required number of credit hours, specific course requirements and GPA requirements are listed. For students in a University of Akron associate degree program, the timing regarding transfer will vary depending upon the specific program. Please see an academic adviser for clarification as needed.
All students who are pursuing a baccalaureate degree must complete the General Education Program consisting of 42 credits distributed among eight categories. While there are a variety of courses from which to choose in each category, often specific general education courses are required for a given major. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that students meet with an academic adviser for clarification of the general education requirements for their major. Information regarding specified general education requirements can also be found on the curriculum guide for each major.
NOTE: Students pursuing an associate degree are not required to complete the general education program.
Some majors at the University of Akron/Wayne College include free electives. These are credit requirements that can be fulfilled with any course the students choose. NOTE: There are several majors at the University that have NO free electives. Please consult the curriculum guide or an academic adviser.
Throughout the registration period, students who are in good standing may drop and add classes online. The registration period ends on the 5th calendar day of the Fall and Spring semesters.

Adding a class beyond the 5th calendar day of the semester: Students will need special permission to add a class. In these cases, students need to complete an “Add Class Form” available in the Student Services Office or on My Akron. This form must be completed with course information and signed by the class instructor, an academic adviser and the Dean. It is then processed in the Student Services Center. Students are not permitted to add a full semester class beyond the 15th day of the semester. NOTE: It is strongly recommended that students register early and avoid adding classes after the semester has begun. Missing even the first week of class significantly undermines student success.

Dropping a class: Students may drop a course through the 15th calendar day of the semester. Students may then withdraw from a course on My Akron through the 7th week of the term unless a hold on the student record prevents it (in which case the student must speak with an academic advisor). The number of classes withdrawn may be limited (Please review the drop/withdrawal policy: copies are available through Student Services, academic advising, or at

Refunds: Student will receive 100% refund for the cost of a full semester class if dropped by the 7th calendar day of the semester. The amount refunded decreases each week, reaching no refund after the 5th week of the semester. The refund schedule for each semester can be found in the Schedule of Classes , the Student Services Office, or at the Cashier’s window. It is the student’s responsibility to question the impact a withdrawal will have on financial aid, eligibility for on-campus employment, graduation, and any insurance BEFORE withdrawing from a class.

There are some majors at the University of Akron/Wayne College that require the student to take both day and evening classes. Students who do not have this kind of flexibility in their schedule should speak with an adviser to ensure they will be able to complete their chosen degree.
Academic advisers are not trained in financial aid policies and procedures. Students are encouraged to take financial aid questions to the cashier’s office or telephone the Wayne Financial Aid office, 330-684-8942 or the University of Akron Financial Aid Office, 330-972-7032. It is important to make financial aid arrangements early to avoid any disruption in course registration.
See, contact Wayne College Student Services (in person or 330-972-8942), or call The University of Akron Financial Aid Office (330-972-7032).
Students will find their grades posted online approximately 1 week after the end of each semester. Grades can be accessed through My Akron on the Wayne College webpage ( using your UA Net ID and password. Grades will not be mailed to students.
No, students should meet periodically with their instructors to determine their current grade in each class and develop strategies for success.
Since summer classes only meet for 5 or 8 weeks, each class is significantly longer than those during the regular semesters, ranging from 3 1/2 to 4 hours and meeting 2-3 days per week. Summer courses are more intensive and require a strong commitment from the student since so much content is covered in such a short time. It is recommended that students take only 1 or 2 classes during each summer term depending upon their time commitments apart from school.
Please note that using financial aid over the summer does impact aid remaining for the subsequent fall and spring semesters.
If a student’s cumulative GPA drops below 2.0, they will be placed on academic probation. Students placed on academic probation must meet with an academic adviser prior to registering for classes for the next semester. At this meeting, the student and adviser will discuss strategies to improve academic performance and return to good standing with the College, and will sign a contract (“Academic Action Form”) which stipulates the minimum requirements to avoid dismissal from Wayne College.
Students who are on probation are unable to register themselves for classes and will not be able to change their schedule without an adviser’s signature. Limits may also be placed on specifically which classes and the number of credits permitted. Students will be removed from probation when their cumulative GPA reaches a minimum of 2.0.
Transfer students with a GPA lower than 2.0 from their previous institution are accepted to Wayne College with a probationary status. These students must meet with an academic adviser prior to registering for classes. At this meeting, the student will sign a contract (Academic Action Form) outlining the minimum requirements to avoid dismissal from Wayne College.
Tutors are available in The Smucker Learning Center on the Wayne campus. For more information about resources at the Smucker Learning Center please click on
Students who have earned “C -“ or below in a course may choose to repeat the course for change of grade. Students may repeat a course a maximum of 2 times, i.e. one course may be taken a total of 3 times. NOTE: When courses are repeated for change of grade, all letter grades will remain on the official transcript. The most recent grade will be used to calculate the student’s GPA regardless of whether it is lower or higher than the grade received from a previous attempt.
Courses in which a “C” or better has been earned MAY NOT be repeated for change of grade.
There are several courses offered exclusively online at Wayne College. However, the options are limited. At this time, there is no degree that can be completed at Wayne College exclusively online.
While most degrees offered at the University of Akron can be started at Wayne, there are several majors that must be started at the Akron campus. Also, in some cases, it may be in the student’s best interest to begin their degree on the Akron campus despite the availability of some of the course requirements on the Wayne campus. The amount of time a student can stay on the Wayne campus varies according to major and may also vary according to specific personal circumstances. Your adviser can help you weigh your options and make the best decision regarding which campus to attend.
Students who are completing a Wayne College associate degree program are eligible to sign a contract when they have completed at least 12 of the credits required for the degree. NOTE: Contracts are only available for associate programs that are offered entirely at the Wayne campus. If you are working on an associate degree offered by Summit College or a bachelor’s degree at the University of Akron, degree agreements are completed on the Akron campus.
There are some cases in which an associate degree reflects the first two years of a baccalaureate degree, allowing a relatively seamless transition from one to the other. However, many associate degrees do not fulfill the requirements of the first two years of a baccalaureate degree. Please see your adviser if you are hoping to transition from a 2 year to a 4 year degree.
GREAT NEWS! The University of Akron Wayne College and Summit College are currently collaborating on newly approved pilot program for granting credit for life/work experience! Through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA - formerly known as Technical Experience Assessment Program (T.E.A.)) students may be able to earn up to 24 credit hours for introductory–level technical courses in our associate degree programs. Follow this link for more information.
If a student is planning to transfer to another institution, it is in their best interest to contact that institution to determine whether courses from Wayne will transfer. Ultimately, that decision is made by the institution to which the credits are being transferred. Different universities have different requirements for the same major. Students cannot assume that the requirements for their major at the University of Akron will be the same as the requirements for the same major at a different university. Students who are planning to transfer to a different university to complete their degree should contact that institution for a list of requirements for the major.
If a student applies for graduation and submits all requested information, the registrar's office processes degree clearance and confirms degrees. A student's MyAkron should provide information on their graduation checklist once a student applies. Applying on time for graduation is done through MyAkron. Additional information can be obtained by calling the registrar's office at 330.972.8300.
Fee Appeals must be submitted within 60 days of the end of the term for which the adjustment is being requested. Late requests will not be considered. Consultation from the Student Services Center is required prior to filing an appeal.

Please allow 4-6 weeks from the date all documentation is complete for our committee to come to a decision on your appeal.

Students have the right to submit an appeal for an exception to the refund policy published by the University if extenuating circumstance(s) exist. In order to be considered for an appeal, the following must be completed:

  1. Classes must be officially withdrawn
  2. A written statement from the student stating reason for appeal
  3. Third party documentation supporting this appeal (professional documentation: physician letter, death certificate, police report, etc.)
  4. The Appeal form

The University will consider fee appeals based on:

* Appeals will be based on last date of attendance which may result in a balance due to the University of Akron.

* Medical reasons for you or a family member: Medical Emergency must occur after the start of the semester for which the refunds is requested. Pre-existing medical emergencies or conditions are not grounds for a refund. 

* Death of the student or immediate family member: Death must occur after the start of the semester for which the refund is being requested. (Immediate family includes spouse, mother, father, legal guardian, sibling or grandparent)

* Military duty

Documentation dates MUST coincide with the term in question.
Appeals must demonstrate a significant disruption to the student's ability to successfully complete coursework.

The University will NOT consider fee appeals based on:

• Failure to read the published University refund policy (found at
• Lack of attendance in a class(es). Students must process an official registration/schedule adjustment form.

Financial aid recipients: Your financial aid and student account will be adjusted to reflect any financial changes that may result from a successful appeal, i.e. revised charges and revised financial aid. This could result in you owing a balance to The University of Akron for charges paid by financial aid and for any financial aid refund money you received directly but did not earn based on your non-attendance.

Financial Aid is given annually. You must complete a new FAFSA every year to apply for grants and loans.

  1. Obtain a federal FSA ID (Federal Student Aid ID)
    • The FSA ID acts as your electronic signature on the FAFSA.
    • Create your FSA ID at
  2. Submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
    • FAFSA is available online at
    • The University of Akron's Federal School Code is 003123. Financial Aid at Wayne College is processed through The University of Akron Main Campus.
    • File Early & meet Deadlines!
  3. You will receive your SAR (Student Aid Report) from the U.S. Department of Education
    • The SAR summarizes the information you provided on the FAFSA and indicates your Expected Family Contribution, which will help determine your need.
    • If you've made a mistake on your FAFSA, you can make corrections at
  1. Sign into your My Akron account.
  2. Click Student Center.
  3. Under Finances, click on "Account Inquiry".
  4. Click the second tab, "activity", to see all account transactions.
  5. Click on the third tab, "charges due", to view a summary of charges by due dates.
If you still have questions feel free to call Student Services at (330) 684-8900, or come in Student Services with a photo ID during business hours & meet with one of our Student Services Counselors. We are here to help!
  1. Sign into MyAkron.
  2. Click Student Center.
  3. Click on "other academic..." in the dropdown box, click "Enrollment Verification", then click the arrows next to it.
    OR, click on the "Enrollment Verification" icon on the left hand side of the page (second to last)
  4. Select any options you want, and select the term you want or leave the box blank for all terms.
  5. Click "Submit".
  6. This page is your Enrollment Verification. You can print it or save it.
  1. Sign into your My Akron account.
  2. Click Student Center.
  3. Your holds will be listed to the right of your schedule in the first top blue box.
  4. Click "View more".
  5. Details about your holds and who to contact will be listed.

All Transcripts are processed through the Office of the Registrar at The University of Akron Main Campus.

  1. Sign into your My Akron account.
  2. Scroll down, click on "Request Transcripts" on the left side.
    Or, Click on Student Center and in the "other academic..." box, scroll down to the "Transcript: Request Official" option.
  3. In the "Send to" box, type the name of the location you will be sending your transcripts to. If you have any attachments you need added, type "(attach)" after the name of the location.
  4. Click "Edit Address" and enter the address for the location you are sending the transcripts.
  5. Click "Ok" then click "Submit". Write down your Confirmation/Transaction number.
  6. If you have attachment(s):
    Email with your name and transaction number.