Financial Aid University of Akron Wayne College

Looking for The University of Akron Wayne College financial aid info? We’re here to help make sure students and their families know of the many options available to help pay for a college education. 

Financial aid programs were developed by the federal and state governments as well as by colleges and universities to assist students with limited resources to meet educational expenses. The primary purpose of financial aid is to help ensure that no one is denied the opportunity of a college education because of financial need.

How to Get Financial Aid

Generally, financial aid is provided in three forms: gift aid (such as scholarships and grants), loans, and work (such as work study and student employment). It is not unusual for a student to have all three forms of aid. This is called a "financial aid package."

Since Wayne College's financial aid is handled by the The University of Akron campus, more information and application procedures can be found at The University of Akron Financial Aid homepage.

The University of Akron Office of Student Financial Aid determines a budget that best suits the needs of the student. The budget includes direct costs that must be paid to the University (instructional and general fees) and variable expenses such as transportation and personal expenses.

In addition, if you need information about withdrawing from classes while receiving financial aid, click on What Happens If I Withdraw From One or All of My Classes?


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