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Wayne College Scholarship ApplicationMany scholarships are awarded each year to Wayne college students. Some scholarships are based on financial need while others are based on academic record.

New freshmen must be fully admitted to Wayne College and complete the Wayne College Scholarship Application by March 1 to be considered for the priority awarding. All applications received by July 1 can be considered for a second awarding.

Continuing students/transfer students must submit a Wayne College Scholarship Application by April 1 to be considered for priority awarding. All other applications will be considered for spring only awards.

For full consideration for all types of financial aid, students should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after October 1 and no later than March 1 for priority consideration for need-based aid..

New scholarship applications and FAFSA renewals are necessary each year.

If assistance is needed, please contact financial aid in the Student Services Center or email

University of Akron Scholarship ApplicationStudents attending Wayne may also be eligible for Akron campus scholarships. Students can apply for Akron campus scholarships online.

The following list provides details for the scholarships available to Wayne College students. Some scholarships require an essay and/or additional application materials, as noted in the description, which are available in the Wayne College Student Services Center.

  • Austin-Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation Scholarship
    Two $2,000 scholarships to be awarded every year. Candidates must be in their second year in a health-related area.
    Enrolled at Wayne College or at the UA Millersburg site. Resident of Wayne, Holmes, Stark or Tuscarawas counties.
    GPA 3.0 or higher. Full or part-time student (minimum of 6 credit hours) Selection based on academic performance and financial need. For more guidelines on this scholarship and its separate application, contact Wayne College Financial Aid office.
  • William T Baker Family Scholarship
    $1,000. Full-time/part-time student at The University of Akron Millersburg, resident of Holmes County, graduate of West Holmes High School, and financial need.
  • Carol M. Briggs Scholarship
    $500. Full-time student. Financial need.
  • Anita Degnan Memorial Scholarship
    $1,000. Full-time student. New freshman, graduate of Wayne County High School. Academic promise. Financial need.
  • Julius Fejes Scholarship
    $1,400. Full-time student, graduate of Orrville High School with 3.25+ GPA, business major and employed part-time or full-time.
  • Farmers National Bank Scholarship
    $500. Full-time student, resident of Wayne/Southern Medina counties, completed 24+ credits at Wayne, academic promise and financial need. Preference to employees of FNB (Please indicate this on your application)
  • The First-Knox National Bank Scholarship
    $2,500 each. Students eligible for consideration must demonstrate financial need and must be enrolled with at least six credit hours per semester in the University’s Millersburg campus or Wayne College. Students also must be graduates of either West Holmes High School in Millersburg, OH or Hiland High School in Berlin, OH. See scholarship application for full details.
  • Founders Scholarship
    $1,000, full-time student, $500 part-time student. Awards are determined each year by a Wayne College committee in each of these categories:
    1.) Automatic Award - Recent high school graduate awarded based on GPA and ACT. Offered automatically to students accepted at Wayne (no scholarship application is required)
    2.) College Credit Plus Scholarship will pay the remainder of student's balance while taking Wayne Classes after other scholarships apply. 3.0 GPA and 15 CCP credits completed at Wayne College
    3.) Continuing full-time ($2000) and part-time ($1,000) students at Wayne (completed 32 credit hrs.) 3.2 GPA
    5.) Wayne early Admission Scholarship, 3.3 GPA, 22 ACT, attending full-time, fully admitted by March 1.
  • Great Start Book Scholarship
    $300/semester. Full-time/part-time student, based on financial need.
  • Scott D. Hagen Memorial Scholarship
    $500. Part-time student with plans to be full-time the following fall at Akron campus. 3.0+ GPA and biology major or related field. Requires Hagen Scholarship application.
  • The Hecker-Nussbaum Academic Achievement Scholarship
    $1000. This award is given to full time Wayne College students. This award is given to deserving students with an ACT composite of 21 and higher and a high school GPA between 3.0 and 3.5.
  • The Hecker-Nussbaum Academic Opportunity Grant
    $500. Designated for enrolling part-time Wayne College students with financial need. Students must submit an application and fulfill all required testing before applying.
  • The Wayne College Holmes Campus Achievement Scholarship, $1500. Graduating high school senior with 3.25 GPA or in top 10% of class with ACT 24+ or SAT 1100+. Up to 12 awards will be made to students graduating from West Holmes, hiland, Waynedale, Central Christian, Triway or Loudonville high schools and attending classes at the Wayne College Holmes Campus. Student must also submit letter of recommendation from high school counselor or faculty member.
  • John P. Kristofco Endowed Scholarship
    $1,500. For an entering student (either traditional or adult) at Wayne College who intends to major in either English or education. Traditional student candidates (17-21) should have a high school GPA of at least 3.5, a composite ACT score of at least 26 (1100 SAT), and top 20% class rank.  Adult candidates should have a strong academic background (as determined by the selectors) and should demonstrate either accomplishment in/involvement with writing (if pursuing English) or experience in public service or education (if pursuing education).  A requirement for application to this scholarship, due by March 1, includes a brief essay describing academic-career goals.
  • John & Virginia Kunkle Memorial Scholarship
    $500. Full-time/part-time student, resident of Ohio, completed 15+ credit hours at Wayne with 3.0+ GPA, major area of business, office administration or healthcare office management, and financial need.
  • Michael J. Manges Memorial Scholarship
    $500. Continuing Wayne student (sophomore or higher) majoring in social work. Established by Orrville Area United Way.
  • The Chuck Nicholson’s Auto Superstore Scholarship
    $1,000.   This scholarship financially assists West Holmes High School graduates attending The University of Akron Millersburg and Wayne College. Additionally eligible students must have financial need and reside in Holmes County. The award may be used for tuition, fees and textbooks.
  • The Obiekwe Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    This scholarship was established to support full-time students with a minimum of 30 credit hours enrolled at The University of Akron Wayne College or The University of Akron main campus. However, the scholarship should only be awarded to students at the main campus if there are no qualifying students at Wayne College. Recipients selected must have at least a 3.5 GPA, with an earned “A” in College Algebra, English 111, and 112. This scholarship is based on scholastic achievement and on financial need and will be applied only to tuition fees. The Office of Financial Aid at The University of Akron Wayne College will select the recipients.
  • The Dr. Todd and Christin Rickel Scholarship Fund
    Award amount varies. This Wayne College scholarship is for full or part-time students, with a financial need and a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher. Preference is given for non-traditional, first-generation college students. To be awarded to students who need last dollars scholarships to complete their associates or bachelor’s degrees.
  • Orrville Campus Foundation Scholarship
    $1,650, full-time student, $850 part-time student. New freshmen, academic record, and financial need.
  • Marion Rothstein Memorial Scholarship
    $2,000. Full-time student, new freshman, graduate of Wooster High School and nursing major.
  • Bruce Schantz Memorial Scholarship
    $1300, full-time student, $650 part-time student. New freshmen, academic record, financial need and not a recipient of any other UA scholarship.
  • The Peggy J. Shallenberger Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    Eligible students must be enrolled full-time at Wayne College. This scholarship was established in November 2009 by the colleagues of Peggy J. Shallenberger and later endowed through a gift from Peggy's family.
  • Paul H. Smucker Memorial Scholarship
    $1,500. Full-time student, resident of Wayne County, enrolled in a degree-seeking program, academic promise, financial need and community service. (Requires essay on goals and career plans.)
  • Student First Endowed Scholarship
    $500 or two at $250. Dr. Denise J. and Charles G. Uitto established the Student First Endowed Scholarship, formerly known as the Student First Scholarship, in 2008. This scholarship is open to all Wayne College students. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be employed and demonstrate financial need and be enrolled with at least 6 credit hours. Students must have a 2.5 to 3.00 GPA. Dr. and Mr. Uitto have a deep desire to help students succeed in this coursework during their time at Wayne College and this award provides a way of lifting some of the financial burden.
  • Craig Alan Swope Memorial Scholarship
    $1,000 or two $500. Enrolled in Paraprofessional Education program. Financial need.
  • Mike and Cindy Taylor Textbook Scholarship
    $350/semester. Holmes County resident and enrolled at Wayne College or The University of Akron Millersburg.
  • Brenda K. Tudor Endowed Scholarship
    This scholarship will be awarded to first generation college students. If there are no eligible first generation students, it will then be awarded to students majoring in education. Eligible students must be enrolled full time at Wayne College with a demonstrated financial need.
  • (Wagstaff) Dr. H. Reid and Susan Smucker Wagstaff Scholarship
  • Up to $5,000, Wayne resident, GPA 2.5 (students with GPA of 2.5-2.9 must submit letter of recommendation specifying good work ethics and potential for future sucess) full time, renewable up to four years.
  • The Walkerly Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    $250. Eligible students are Wayne County residents with a financial need pursuing a B.A. in Social Work degree at Wayne College and enrolled as a junior or senior only.
  • Janet Barnett Minc and David C. Minc Endowed Scholarship
    $250. Full-time student, second-year Wayne College student, minimum 3.5 GPA and demonstrate a financial need. For textbook purchases at the Wayne College Barnes and Noble Bookstore.
  • Wayne College Alumni Association Scholarship
    $500. New and continuing students, registered for 6+ credits per semester, 2.5-3.5 GPA, with preference to children of Wayne alumni. 
  • Wayne College Community Scholarship
    $1,000. New and continuing students, preference to students living in Medina, Wayne and Holmes counties, registered for 6+ credits per semester, academic achievement, financial need and those ineligible for federal/state grants per FAFSA.
  • Wayne College Dean's Scholarship
    Amount of scholarship will vary. Graduating high school senior with 3.75+ GPA or in top 10% of class or ACT 26+ or SAT 1150+. Completion of FAFSA required. Must have passed all parts of Ohio Graduation Test and be attending Wayne College. One award available to a graduating student from each of the following high schools: Chippewa, Dalton, Rittman, Orrville, Wooster, Hiland, West Holmes, Wadsworth, Wayne County Schools Career Center, Norwayne, Northwestern, Waynedale, Triway, Smithville, Kingsway Christian, Barberton, Black River, Buckeye, Cloverleaf, Copley, Fairless, Hillsdale, Highland, Loudonville, Manchester, Washington Massillon, Medina County Career Center, Medina, Northwest, Norton, R.G. Drage Career Technical, Tuslaw, and Central Christian. **A letter of recommendation from a high school guidance counselor or faculty member must be submitted.**
  • Wayne College Faculty/Staff Scholarship
    $600/$400. Full-time/part time student. 24+ credits completed at Wayne or part-time student with 12+ credits completed at Wayne, 3.5+ GPA, preference to non-traditional students and those ineligible for federal/state grants per FAFSA.
  • Wayne College Student Senate Scholarship
    $250. Full-time or part-time students actively involved in any club or organization at Wayne College. A continuing Wayne College student with one or more credits completed, an active member in at least one College club or organization, minimum 2.5 GPA, and financial need. Students will submit an essay and need a letter of recommendation from their organization adviser. (Awarded as funds are available.
  • Will-Burt Company Scholarship
    $1,000. Full-time student, new freshman, 2.0+ GPA and financial aid.
  • Louis Russell Wilson III Memorial Scholarship
    $1000. This non-endowed scholarship was initiated by Wayne College on the passing of a friend and colleague, Russ Wilson. Russ was always quick with his smile and wit. He will be remembered for his hard work, laughter, jokes, and his kind spirit. Russ worked at Wayne College for over 20 years. He served most of that time as the Coordinator of Academic Advising. He deeply enjoyed assisting students in planning their academic schedules and encouraging them in their future goals. His colleagues at Wayne will greatly miss him and believe that this scholarship is a fitting tribute, as this award will help many students achieve their future academic goals. This memorial scholarship will provide an annual $1,000 award to one recipient. Eligible students must be enrolled full-time at Wayne College and demonstrate a financial need.

The following scholarships are administered through the Holmes County Education Foundation and require a separate application in addition to the Wayne College Scholarship application.

  • The Baserman/Irving Family Scholarship
    $500. This annual scholarship is held and administered through the Holmes County Education Foundation. Holmes County residents attending Wayne College or The University of Akron Millersburg. Part-time or full-time, financial need. Awards limited to tuition and student fees and determined by Wayne College and the Holmes County Education Foundation. Subject to the renewal guidelines of the Foundation. Visit for more information and application.
  • The French Ridge Title Company Scholarship
    $500. This scholarship is held and administered through the Holmes County Foundation. Part-time or full-time student, female, graduate of West Holmes High School, Holmes County resident, financial need, attending Wayne College or The University of Akron Millersburg with a goal to complete a bachelor's degree. Renewable. Visit for more information on this scholarship and application.

The following scholarship is administered through the Wayne County Community Foundation.

  • Arden and Clarice Shisler Nationwide Insurance Scholarship (Wayne College)
    Available to Dalton High School graduating seniors enrolling at The University of Akron Wayne College as a full-time student who have a balance of participation in academics, extra-curricular activities and community service/part-time employment. Applicants must have a minimum 2.50 GPA and demonstrate financial need. Previous applicants and/or recipients may not reapply.
    Term: One Year
    Amount: $1,000
    Number of New Awards Each Year: One
    Contact: Wayne County Community Foundation (

Other scholarship sources

The University of Akron Undergraduate Scholarship information is available at
Holmes County Education Foundation Scholarship information is available at
Greater Wayne County Foundation Scholarship information is available at 

** While every effort is made to provide an accurate scholarship listing, information posted is subject to change without notice.