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Tuition and fees

For Wayne College undergraduate classes. Subject to change without notice. Updated in August 2016.

1-11.5 credits $247.52 per credit hour
12-18 credits $2,970.24 flat fee per semester
19 or more credits $2,970.24 flat fee + $247.52 per credit hour over 18 hours
Non Ohio Residents add $278.03 per credit hour
General Service Fee
Undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students $7.34 per credit hour to a maximum of $88.08 per semester
Registration and related fees
Admission Application Fee $50 (nonrefundable)
Transient Application Fee (from another college) $50 (nonrefundable)
Administrative Fee
(All undergraduate, post baccalaureate and graduate students, except undergraduate students who have completed 96 credit hours or more or who have previously paid a matriculation fee.)
$30 per term
Developmental Support Fee
(All students enrolled in developmental classes)
$12.50 per credit hour
Career Advantage Services Fee
(All undergraduate students except students with 96 credits or more.)
$3 per credit hour
Technology Fee
(Undergraduate through 95 hours)
$13.20 per credit hour
Technology Fee
(students with 96 or more hours)
Engineering Infrastructure Fee
(All students taking engineering course)
$26 per credit hour
Late Payment Fee $100
Co-Op Course Fee $55
ACT Test (Residual) $45
Bypassed Credit $5 per credit hour

(Undergraduate and postbaccalaureate)

$30 per credit hour
ID Card Replacement $20
Late Registration Fee $100
Check/Credit Card Return Fee $25

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