Don't leave home (or class) without it...

What is a Zip Card?

  • The Zip Card is your university identification. 
  • The Zip Card is also a debit card by simply adding money to your All Campus Account 
  • The Zip Card displays your Student ID number and UANet ID

You should carry your Zip Card at all times while on the Wayne or Akron campus.

Adding Funds to your Zip Card:
Add Funds to your Zip Card using the Value Transfer Station (VTS) machines or online.

VTS machine locations at Wayne:
Cashier's Office
(upper A-Wing)

Using your Zip Card at Wayne!

  Bookstore   Library
     •  Used like cash      •  Pay fines
     •  Used as identification      •  Make copies
         •  Library card
  The Student Services Office
or Cashier Window
  The Filling Station
     •  Used as proper identification      •  Used like cash

What if I lose my Zip Card or it is Stolen?

      •  Stop in Student Services with a photo ID
            - If Lost or Stolen: replacement fee is $20

Your Zip Card can also be used on The University of Akron Campus
Just a few ways you may use your zip card on the Akron Campus.

  • Gain access to Ocasek Natatorium 
  • Free admission to athletic events including basketball and football games
  • Use as a "key card" if authorized for selected campus buildings

For additional information or learn about Zippy Deals visit:

Wayne College Student Services
1-800-221-8308 ext. 8900

Zip Card