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Faculty: New procedure for linking students and note-takers
The Office of Accessibility has revised its procedures to enable students with disabilities to connect with note-takers earlier in the semester.

This document describes the new procedures along with the responsibilities of the note-taker, the professor/instructor, and the student receiving the note-taking accommodation. Any questions can be directed to the Office of Accessibility at ext. 8923.

Students: Become a note-taker… Earn money
Note-taker candidates are students who are enrolled in the same class as the student registered with the Office of Accessibility. Note-takers simply provide their notes to the student to whom they are assigned. The Office of Accessibility will provide you with the necessary training and materials for note-taking.  It is very easy!

Some benefits of being a Note-taker include:

  • $150 on All Campus Zip Card Account per class you are assigned as a Note-taker. The money will be applied at the end of the semester if all notes were provided to the student within the required time frame. This can be used to buy textbooks, food on and off campus, or anywhere zip cards are accepted.
  • Enhance your resume- your participation can be indicated on resumes.
    Example Resume Statement:

Note-taker (Semester and Year)
The University of Akron, Office of Accessibility

Provided detailed notes, weekly, for qualified students registered with the Office of Accessibility.

  • Gain satisfaction from helping a fellow student. We’re looking for people who write legibly, summarize the main points, and have the desire to help another student.

Follow these steps to register:

  1. Register Online through the Student Testing and Accommodation Request System (STARS) system. Select ‘Sign Up as a Note-taker’ on the right side of the page. You will need to have your complete My Akron schedule printed or open in another window so you have access to your Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) or “Class Nbr”. For more information about finding your CRNs, please visit Where are the Course Registration Numbers?
  2. Register with your student ID#, UANet ID (username), and your UA email address.  Once you are registered, you may use your UA credentials to sign into your STARS account.
  3. Submit your class schedule using the CRNs for the courses in which you are volunteering.
  • (Then submit your class schedule.)
  1. Read and Sign the Note-taker Contract
  2. Verify that your class schedule is accurate

For additional questions, visit this Guide to Note-taking Services for Note-takers or contact:

Julie Hartzler, BASW, MS, LSW
Disability Specialist & Service Coordinator
Office of Accessibility, Room B-112

Once you are registered:

You will be notified by email if we have matched you with a potential note-taking assignment. To be hired for the note-taking assignment:

  • Confirm the assignment via the link in your email: “I agree to take notes in this class and I am still enrolled in this class.”
  • Schedule a brief Note-taker Training Session with Julie Hartzler,  (contact information is listed above). It is quick and easy to complete!
  • Contact the student(s) for whom you will be taking notes. Their contact information will be provided in the note-taking assignment email. If a student’s name is not listed, this means the student wishes to remain confidential. In this case, you will only need to upload notes to STARS and an OA team member will ensure delivery to the student.
  • Have your instructor fill out the Instructor Verification Form and return with a copy of your notes to the Office of Accessibility, located in the Smucker Learning Center in B Wing.
  • Sign an Electronic Invoice at the end of the semester verifying that you have provided the notes to the student(s) for the whole semester.

 STARS Training Materials: