Student Code of Conduct & Title IX

Title IX and sexual misconduct information

Go to Title IX at UA Wayne College Campus and the Akron Campus, where you will find information about filing a sexual-misconduct report, reporting procedures, confidentiality and resources for victims.

At the Wayne campus, please contact:

Gordon Holly
Assistant Director for Student Success & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
330-972-8740 or

Student referral form

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Academic Misconduct Referral Process

Faculty members that suspect a student of academic misconduct may submit a student referral directly to Gordon Holly, Assistant Director for Student Success or may resolve the matter with the student following the informal resolution process outlined in University Rule 3359-41-01 Section (J) as outlined below.

Informal resolution process 

According to University Rule 3359-41-01 Section (J) an incident of academic misconduct may be resolved and a sanction assessed in a meeting between the faculty member and student as outlined in the following steps:

Step 1:  

The faculty member shall confer with Gordon Holly to determine whether any prior academic misconduct has occurred. If the student has a previous history of academic misconduct the faculty member may at his or her discretion make a student referral.

Step 2: 

The faculty member and student meet to discuss the alleged academic misconduct. If the student and faculty member agree on the facts of the incident and the proposed sanction(s), the matter can be resolved informally. Written documentation of the agreement as to the facts and the sanction(s) should be created by the faculty member, signed by the student and retained for the faculty member’s records. For your convenience UA has developed an academic misconduct notification form.

Step 3: 

The faculty member shall send a copy of the signed agreement to Gordon Holly and the student. The signed agreement will be documented in the student’s file and no further action will be taken.

If the student and faculty member disagree about the facts of the incident or the proposed sanction(s), the matter shall be referred to Gordon Holly for adjudication.

Interim removal of a student from clinical or internship

When the alleged misconduct of the student creates an immediate health and safety concern, including but not limited to, clinical and internship environments, in addition to any other academic disciplinary processes, the student may be immediately removed from the clinical or internship environment upon recommendation by Gordon Holly, in accordance with the rules of the academic program, professional governing body or contract between the university and the site, pending the outcome of the university conduct process.