Poetry Prose and Acoustical Jam 2004

"A Dozen Performances"
By Susanna Horn, Waynessence Adviser

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February 26, 2004, marked the 12th performance of Wayne College’s Poetry, Prose, and Acoustical Jam, founded in 1993. With support from the Smucker Learning Center, the Filling Station was once again the site of a College-community evening of poetry and prose readings, interspersed with vocal and instrumental music. The evening’s event was complemented by a photography show provided by Sam Sheller’s students.

Thomas ReynoldsThomas Reynolds, president of Student Senate, served as master of ceremonies. Waynessence editor-in-chief Amanda Conley, staff member Patches Ferdarko, and helpful family members served as hosts for the evening. Former Waynessence adviser and Poetry, Prose, and Acoustical Jam founder, Marjorie Keil was in the audience.

Greg “Snuffy” Smith and “Big John” Graham

Greg “Snuffy” Smith and “Big John” Graham began the entertainment. Next, John and Patty Graham showed off their a cappella skills as they presented two old-fashioned gospel songs.

John and Patty Graham
Kathleen Anderson Kathleen Anderson, who invited submissions to her inspirational web site, entertained the audience with an essay about losing her keys and with several poems, including one about becoming an empty-nest parent.
Bill Lally

Bill Lally, long time PPAJ performer, sang two traditional love songs. He was followed by Wayne College student Ryan Weaver’s stunning rendition of a Beatles song and a beautiful original composition.

Ryan Weaver
Ethan Goodwin Ethan Goodwin, first semester Wayne College student, entertained the crowd with four poems, one about Wayne College life.
Doug Woods

Wayne College professor Doug Woods read for us the first poem he ever wrote that was not an assignment, “End of an Era.” Doug’s son, Dan Woods, read his poem, “Ode to Janet,” inspired by the recent Super Bowl half-time show.

Dan Woods
Gretchen Pleuss

Gretchen Pleuss charmed the audience with her clear voice and strong guitar skills as she presented an original composition, “The Outsider.”

During intermission, guests enjoyed free coffee and tea and purchased snacks to benefit Waynessence’s annual cover contest, which awards cash prizes to the artwork or photography chosen to appear on the covers of the spring edition.

River Crossing

The award-winning River Crossing folk music group entranced listeners with their “old time” and Celtic music. Then Amanda Morrison, River Crossing member and editor of the Wayne Mirror student newspaper, skillfully played “Pumpkin Fancy” on the shuttle pipes, much to the delight of the audience.

Amanda Morrison
Emily Curie

Emily Curie, who was celebrating her birthday that evening, writes a poem everyday. She read several poems about her cats and birds. Then Adam Esson, a new PPAJ participant, entertained the audience with music and with his poem “Soldiers in the Hall.”

Adam Esson
Lydia Thompson Lydia Thompson, former Waynessence contributor and historical re-enactor, inspired the audience with several readings and sang “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.”
Zac Kubilus Zac Kubilus, a newcomer to PPAJ, concluded the evening with delightful singing and guitar music.

Special thanks to the maintenance crew, Word Processing, and Media Support Services, who worked together to make the twelfth annual Poetry, Prose, and Acoustical Jam a memorable, refreshing evening.