Poetry Prose and Acoustical Jam 2003

"Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary"
By Susanna Horn, Waynessence Adviser

List of Photos

February 27, 2003, marked the tenth anniversary of Wayne College’s Poetry, Prose, and Acoustical Jam, founded in 1993. For the eleventh time, the Filling Station was the site of a College-community evening of poetry and prose readings, interspersed with vocal and instrumental music.

Charles Callen, former Waynessence editor-in-chief, served as master of ceremonies for this year’s event. Waynessence staff members Amanda Conley and Josh Wade served as hosts for the evening, and former Waynessence adviser and Poetry, Prose, and Acoustical Jam founder, Marjorie Keil was in the audience.

Rae Mulhall began the entertainment by accompanying herself on the guitar as she presented two original songs. Then Ryan Weaver sang and impressed with audience with his strong guitar skills. Leslie Baus, one of the early PPAJ participants, followed with a delightful tribute to her mother.

Although Gary Bays was unable to perform due to a broken wrist, his young guitar student, Gretchen Pleuss, played and sang some of her original compositions for her PPAJ debut.

Regular PPAJ participant, Clayton Samels, a Smucker Learning Center Writing Consultant and Wayne College writing instructor, shared his talents on the banjo and dulcimer. Rivercrossing, with Wayne College student Amanda Morrison, then treated the audience to sweet and lively pieces from their award-winning folk music repertoire.

Just before intermission, John Lorson, hometown humorist, delighted the audience with his ode to a groundhog; then he broke from his usual light-hearted tone by reading an original poem cautioning against war.

Newcomer delBert Limpert’s singing and guitar playing was filled with quiet patriotism, and Rick Ferguson, another first-time PPAJ poet, shared two touching poems, both expressing deep faith.

Former Wayne College student and long-time PPAJ performer, Bill Lally sang two romantic songs. He was followed by University of Akron graduate student, Duane Dotson, who featured a social issue poem and concluded with a parody of “The Raven” that emphasized the importance of supplying one’s wife with adequate amounts of chocolate!

Sheila Felton, who came all the way from Ravenna, read two poems for her PPAJ debut. She was followed by 2002 Wayne College Student Writing Awards winner John W. Mann II, who impressed the audience with the grace and cadence of his work.

The evening concluded on a peaceful note with Brianne Polk and Dan Pernod singing sweet hymns to Dan’s guitar accompaniment.

Special thanks to the maintenance crew, Word Processing, and media support services, who worked together to make the eleventh PPAJ one of the best in its history.

Photos from the 2003 Jam
   • Charles Callen
   • Majorie Keil
   • Rae Mulhall
   • Ryan Weaver
   • Leslie Baus
   • Gretchen Pleuss
   • Clayton Samels
   • Rivercrossing
   • John Lorson
   • delBert Limpert
   • Rick Ferguson
   • Bill Lally
   • Duane Dotson
   • Sheila Felton
   • John W. Mann II
   • Breanna Polk
   • Dan Pernod