Poetry Prose and Acoustical Jam 2002

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February 28, 2002, marked the tenth time Wayne College has hosted Poetry, Prose, and Acoustical Jam, a College-community evening of poetry and prose readings, interspersed with vocal and instrumental music. Marjorie Keil, founder, was on hand to enlighten the audience of 50 with a brief history of the annual event, which began as the brainchild of then-student Eric Williams, now a college instructor himself. Eric took the audience back in time as he read poetry from his days as Waynessence editor. Russ Pugh, the original PPAJ music coordinator, was also on hand to treat the audience to yet another of his beloved Bob Dylan performances.

Other longtime performers included Bill Lally, former student, now college graduate, who sang with his friend Eleanor Kulcsar, a first-time participant. John Lorson, former Wayne College student who now writes a regular newspaper column, delighted the audience with his 'possum hat, complete with accompanying essay. In keeping with the somewhat historic mood, Professor Gary Bays, who describes his style as Mo-Grass, played guitar and sang the first song he performed at PPAJ--many years ago. Rather than allow us to wax too nostalgic, writing instructor Clayton Samels, who just released his first multi-track CD, encouraged the audience to participate in his performance and also educated us about his newest folk instrument, a charango, made out of an armadillo shell!

More recent "regulars" included Josh Knode, who distributed suckers to the audience amid his singing and poetry reading; Helen Marton, who recited one of her children's stories; and Dan Pernod, whose sweet, spiritual music was truly inspirational.

In keeping with its traditional role as a forum for both new and experienced performers, PPAJ welcomed first-time participants Karen Badger (inspirational poetry), Madelyn Esson (vocalist), Dustin Gray (poetry), and Josh Knode's accompanist Bob Ralston. Nick Randall (guitar) and River Crossing (Celtic and American fiddling) provided outstanding music just before emcee Sara Hoge introduced John Maim II, who closed the show with his extraordinary poetry.

Special thanks to the maintenance crew, Word Processing, media support services, Waynessence staff (Charles Callen, editor) and Student Senate members (Sara Hoge and Jessica Waggy, Susie Meehan, adviser) who worked together to make the tenth PPAJ one of the best in recent memory.

Photos from the 2002 Jam