Wayne College understands the transition from combat to the classroom is not easy.  Veterans and their families may have different needs than a traditional student and may at times have trouble relating to the views of faculty and fellow students.  The following may help you with your transition to Wayne College:

Do not be afraid to speak your opinion.
Some classes may address political views or other sensitive subjects.  Do not be afraid to participate, even if it contradicts what others may say.  Different opinions and perspectives contribute to the learning process and provide a valuable experience for everyone.

Take advantage of the resources offered on campus.
Wayne offers many resources including counseling, academic advisors and resources for veterans.  Personnel in these departments are there to help you succeed.

Seek out other veterans and veteran activities on campus and in the area.
Many veteran students have difficulty relating to others on campus due to different experiences.  Other veterans know what you have been through and may have similar experiences to share.

Speak with your professors if you are having difficulty in a class.
The faculty at Wayne will make every reasonable accommodation possible to help you succeed.  If you are having trouble adapting to the new environment, let your professors know.  They may be able to help or offer tips and resources.