The University of Akron, Wayne College FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you starting your journey at Wayne College soon? Congratulations! We’re here to help answer any questions you may have as you get started. Explore a comprehensive list of commonly asked college FAQ questions, including topics like admissions, advising, scheduling, majors, housing and much more.

  • How do I register for classes online?
    University of Akron or Wayne campus students may register for classes online via the My Akron system. For additional information, please check out the Registration page.

  • How do I find the room numbers for my classes?
    The rooms will be listed on your class schedule; however, on the first day of classes there will be room assignment sheets in the front lobby. You may want to print a new schedule so you know your course and section numbers.

  • Is there a calendar showing important dates and deadlines?
    Yes. Each semester's calendar is printed in the schedule of classes as well as on our home page at Remember, it is the student's responsibility to know and adhere to deadlines.

  • Where can I make payment for my fees?
    Payments are made at the Cashier window in upper A-wing. Please pay particular attention to the due date on your invoice. If payment is not made on or before the due date, it can result in additional late payment charges or possible enrollment cancellation. Check your current account thru My Akron using your UANet ID and password.

  • Do I need a parking permit for the Wayne campus?
    No, but you should register your vehicle with us on the Vehicle Registration card found in your orientation packet or in Student Services Office.

  • Is there a lost and found?
    Most articles are brought to the Student Services Office and are kept for the semester.

  • How do I leave a message for my instructor?
    All instructors have mailboxes in upper A-wing, first door past the Cashier window. If you are in the building, you can place a note in their mailbox. If telephoning, please call 330-683-2010 or 1-800-221-8308 and ask the College operator to place a message in their mailbox. You need to know your instructor's full name when calling.

  • Do I have access to computers at Wayne?
    Yes. Check the schedules outside each computer lab in upper A-wing for availability or upper D-wing, Library or Learning Center. You will need your UANet ID and password to use computers on campus. If you did not receive this information at your initial meeting with an academic adviser, please check in Student Services Office.

  • Do I need a student ID card?
    Yes. Any registration processes done in person, to secure materials from the Library, to purchase and return textbooks requires your Zip Card. It is also used to obtain tickets to athletic or cultural events at the Akron campus. Photos are taken throughout the semester in Student Services Office.

  • Is there a phone I can use in the building?
    A pay phone is located in upper D-wing next to the drinking fountain. An inter-campus phone to call Akron campus is located on the lower, computer table outside Student Services Office.

  • How do I contact campus police?
    You can go to the Student Services Office, the Library, or the Cashier window and an employee can contact campus police or the proper authorities. If the offices are closed, all telephones are equipped to connect to 911 by dialing 9911.

  • What about cancellations due to bad weather or due to instructor absence?
    In case of bad weather, all calls should be made to the SNOW LINE at 330-684-8775 or 330-972-SNOW. Please do not call the College offices. You can also listen for Wayne College closings on your local radio station or check our Web page,, in the box "Classes Not Meeting". The closing of The University of Akron DOES NOT necessarily mean classes at Wayne College are cancelled. Wayne College administration will make a separate decision. In any event, good judgment for your own safety should be used when traveling during inclement weather. Also see

  • What about my class cancelled due to instructor absence?
    Cancellations are posted immediately upon notification from instructor at

  • When do I register for next semester?
    The University has priority registration dates for continuing students. These dates correspond to the number of credit hours already completed and are listed in the schedule of classes. Look for fall class schedule in April, spring in October, and summer in February. Wayne College has special early registration for Wayne classes - watch for notices!

  • Should I see an adviser before I register?
    A provisional, a Post-secondary Enrollment Options, or a probation student must see an adviser to register for classes; otherwise, only if desired. Advising appointments should be made early, however, as they fill quickly.

  • How do I schedule an advising appointment or to see the personal counselor?
    Appointments can be made in-person or by telephoning the Student Services Office at 330-684-8900. The personal counselor also has walk-in hours posted on her door in A131.

  • Can anyone help me decide on a major?
    Career Services offers workshops plus use of SIGI Plus, a computerized career guidance system. Appointments can be made in Student Services Office.

  • How do I change my major?
    You declare or change a major by meeting with an academic adviser. After completing at least 12 credit hours, you should also meet with an adviser to sign a contract for your associate program.

  • Can I register for Akron classes at Wayne?
    If you are eligible to register for an Akron class, registration can be processed at Wayne.

  • What about graduation?
    When you have accumulated enough credit hours to graduate, you must complete a graduation application, available in Student Services Office. If you are completing a certificate program, check in Student Services Office for the proper form. If you are within a year of graduation, check deadline dates to avoid a $100 late fee.

  • How do I get an e-mail account?
    Every student is given an e-mail account along with their UANet ID. This can be accessed through My Akron and is your UANet ID at (i.e. If you have a home e-mail (yahoo, hotmail, etc), please be sure to forward your e-mail. All university/instructor information will be sent to the address only.

  • How often and when should I meet with my academic adviser?
    It is in your best interest to meet with an academic adviser at least once each registration period. Registration generally begins in late October (Spring registration), late February (Summer registration) and early April (Fall registration). Making advising appointments early in the registration process increases the likelihood you will obtain a seat in your preferred class section. Many classes fill early so it is in your best interest to make your appointments as early as possible. This is particularly important if you need to arrange your class schedule around work, family, and other commitments. You may also want to meet with your adviser other times during the semester to discuss any concerns or questions you have related to your program of study, obtain information on other majors, initiate a change of major, discuss possible minors or seek support regarding any academic concerns.

  • What can I do to prepare for an appointment with my adviser?
    Students should obtain a copy of the curriculum guide for their major. Curriculum guides can be found on the display rack at the front of the building, on the Web or in the Student Services office. Please make sure your guide is up to date by checking the date in the top right corner of the guide. By bringing your copy of the curriculum guide to each advising session we can mark off completed courses and plan ahead to ensure you have all of the required prerequisites and remain in sequence and on track.

  • How many classes should I take each semester?
    Students who are enrolled in 12 credits or more are considered full time. Some types of financial aid require students to be enrolled full time. Apart from financial aid requirements, students need to determine how much time they have each week to dedicate to studying. It is generally expected that for every hour you spend in class, you will spend two preparation hours outside of class. It is recommended that your credit hours + preparation hours (2 X credit hours) + work hours do not exceed 60 hours per week.

  • What if I am undecided about my major?
    "Undecided" is the most common major of incoming freshmen on most college campuses. However, it is in your best interest to resolve this indecision as soon as possible. Although there are general courses that all baccalaureate students must take, specific courses within the general education categories vary significantly between majors. Advisers will do their best to ensure that all credits apply toward your major; however, after the first semester this becomes increasingly difficult to guarantee if you remain undecided. Undecided students should take active steps to explore the possible majors. An appointment with our career counselor, Carol Pleuss, is an excellent first step. Talking with faculty, other students, and individuals working in a field that you are considering may also help in this decision making process. Workshops are offered during the semester to assist undecided students in choosing a major. Please contact Carol Pleuss for more information regarding these programs.

  • What is walk-in advising?
    During some registration periods, several days are set aside for walk- in advising. During these times, advisers do not schedule appointments. Students sign in at the Student Services office and wait for the next available adviser. Waiting time can range anywhere from 10 minutes to occasionally over an hour. During walk-in hours, advisers are extremely limited in the amount of time they can spend with individual students. We will not have an opportunity to review your file prior to the meeting and will focus simply on choosing classes for the coming term. Walk- in advising is ideal for students who have a fairly good idea what they want to take and are able to determine class times and register independently. Students with questions, academic issues or special scheduling needs are served better by making an advising appointment early in the registration process.

  • What are the minimum GPA requirements?
    Students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA to remain in good standing. Students earning less than 2.0 will be placed on academic probation for one semester and risk dismissal after two consecutive terms with less than a 2.0 GPA. GPA requirements specific to your major are noted on your curriculum guide. If you are struggling in a class, don't delay seeking assistance from your instructor, the Learning Center or your academic adviser.

  • What about course withdrawals?
    If you are struggling in a course and attempts to improve your grade have been unsuccessful, you may decide to withdraw from a course. Students may withdraw form a course through the 12th week of the semester. Course withdrawals may affect your financial aid status, so please meet with Barb Caillet in financial aid prior to making this decision. Typically, students who are currently covered by their parent's health insurance must be enrolled full time. Please discuss this with your parents prior to withdrawing from a course. NOTE: To withdraw form a course, you MUST complete the necessary paperwork. This can be obtained in the Student Services office. You cannot withdraw form a course by simply ceasing to attend. If the paperwork is not completed and you do not complete the course, you will receive an "F".

  • Can I repeat a course for a better grade?
    You may repeat any course in which you have received a C- or lower for a change in grade. A course may only be repeated two times. A course withdrawal (WD) does not count as one of the three maximum attempts. NOTE: Each Department (major) can reserve the right to restrict repeats to less than three maximum attempts.

  • How do I get my grades?
    Grades can be accessed through My Akron on the Wayne Web page using your UANet ID and password. Grades are typically available on the Wednesday following final exam week.

  • Do I need to be enrolled at Wayne College to take online courses?
    You would need to enroll as a student with us to take an online class. Some online classes may require time on campus.

  • Can I apply if I'm not a U.S. citizen?
    Yes! Foreign students may apply through UA's International Center.

  • How do I know if I am on the Dean's list?
    A student who has carried 12 graded credits or more without receiving an Incomplete (INC) or In Progress (IP) grade and obtained a grade-point average of 3.25 or better in the previous semester is eligible for the Dean's List of Wayne College.

    A student who has carried between 6 and 11.5 graded credits without receiving an Incomplete (INC) or and In Progress (IP) grade and obtained a grade-point average of 3.25 or better in the previous semester is eligible for the Part-Time Student Dean's List of Wayne College.

    The Dean's List, for both full-time and part-time students, is an undergraduate academic honor recognizing academic excellence prior to the completion of the degree.

    Official Dean's List notification is sent from the Akron campus. If you are on the Dean's list, you will receive a congratulatory card in the mail approximately six weeks after the end of the semester during which you earned the required grade-point average.

  • What happens if I take an Incomplete?
    An Incomplete indicates that the student has done passing work in the course, but that part of the work is, for good and acceptable reason, not complete at the end of the term. Failure to make up the omitted work satisfactorily before the final examination period of the following semester (not including summer sessions) converts the Incomplete to an "F". When the work is satisfactorily completed within the allotted time the Incomplete is converted to whatever grade the student has earned.

  • I'm an adult student. Do you offer health insurance?
    Information is available online at:
    Student Health Insurance packets are also available in the Student Services Office.

  • What months can new students start?
    New students can start for whatever semester they apply for. January for spring semester. August for fall. May, June or July for summer.

  • What are the hours for various areas of the college?
    Most departments have their hours posted at

  • What supplies do incoming freshmen need for the first day of school?
    A student should have their UANet ID and password, Zip card, pens, pencils, paper and required books for each class.

  • How do I request transcripts off of the University of Akron Web site?
    Continuing students can request a transcript through My Akron. If you need a transcript and are not a continuing student you can access the transcript request form from the Akron web page at

  • How do I know if I have been accepted to the university?
    Wayne College operates under a policy of rolling admissions, which means you will receive a letter of admission as soon as all of your credentials are on file with us. However, no decision can be made final until complete credentials are received. Because of that, there is no established date for notification since it is an ongoing procedure. If you have questions, or for further information please contact us by e-mail:

  • How do I know when I am a sophomore, junior or senior?
    Level Status - The level status of each student is dependent upon the number of credit hours earned. The University identifies the following levels (current as of 1-28-08):
         Senior 96 credit hours or higher
         Junior 64-95.99 credit hours earned
         Sophomore 32-63.99 credit hours earned
         Freshman 0-31.99 credit hours earned

  • How can I access syllabi from past courses?
    Course syllabi are displayed by term and year in the SharePoint domain at the following address:
    You can also find them by going to the Wayne College Homepage, selecting Site Index and selecting Syllabi Archive.

  • Does Wayne College offer housing for students?
    Currently the college does not have housing available; however, there are several apartment complexes within 1 to 3 miles of the campus. Wayne College does not have an agreement with any particular apartment complex in the area.