Course and class cancellations


In the event of inclement weather conditions or other extenuating circumstances, learn about closing or cancellations through:

  • the Wayne College Snowline at 330-684-8775
  • local radio:
    • AM 960 (WKVX)
    • AM 1100 (WTAM)
    • AM 1350 (WTOU)
    • AM 1480 (WHBC) 
    • AM 1520 (WINW)
    • AM 1590 (WAKR)
    • 94.1 FM (WHBC)
    • 94.9 FM (WQMX)
    • 97.5 FM (WONE)
    • 98.1 FM (WKDD)
    • 104.5 FM( WQKT)
    • 106.5 FM (WLTF)
    • 106.9 FM (WRQK)

Holmes Campus students should listen to 95.3 FM (WKLM)

If you are taking classes based on the Akron campus, check the university's home page or call their snowline at 330-972-7669. For Wayne College information, use our snowline at 330-684-8775.

If one campus closes, it does not mean all campuses are closed. You must check separately to see if Akron, Wayne or the HCHEC are each opened or closed.


Illness or unforeseeable circumstances may cause an instructor to cancel a class session. If a class is cancelled for the day:

  • Information will be posted on the Wayne College's website (this page).
  • Cancellation messages will be scrolling on the large monitors by Student Services and in The Marketplace Cafe.


If there is an emergency on campus, please call 330-972-7123.

Course Changes/Updates

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