Karl F. Stroh Steve Thornton
Carol Dalessandro Joel D. Beckler
Nancy Bowman Dino Carozza
James J. Ritchie John C. Lorson


"Being the first graduate of Wayne College was an unexpected honor and mainly one of being in the right place at the right time. I had served four years in the Navy, was married with four children, and as an adult in my mid-thirties, was ready to take advantage of an opportunity not available to me upon graduating from high school in the mid-fifties. Wayne offered a chance to get a college education while still operating a family dairy farm business. I received my associate degree from Wayne in 1973 and continued at the Akron campus, pursuing a major in Political Science. Two of my daughters attended Wayne College , and my wife is presently attending Wayne College in pursuit of an associate degree. Wayne College is perfect for working as well as retired adults."

Karl F. Stroh
Wayne College - 1973
Wayne College 's First Graduate





"Like many others, I started at Wayne College because it was convenient. I soon learned it was much more. As a criminal justice major and an active duty police officer, I appreciated the instructors were also active officers, cops teaching cops. I learned from those who had real life experience in our area. They knew the local courts, the area, and told of incidents that occurred in this area. Being able to visualize the scene made it much more realistic. I was able to adjust my class schedule to fit my work schedule. The instructors worked with me and if I had to miss a class, they helped me make up what was missed. I also appreciated being able to take courses beyond my associates degree. I did not need to go to main campus until I was a senior. This was important as I had family obligations in addition to my work. In all, the convenience, class size, class schedule, quality instructors and reasonable fees made Wayne College the right choice. "

Steve Thornton
Wayne '77
UA B.S. Tech Ed '96
Chief, Wooster Police Department





"Being pretty much on my own for my college education, I found Wayne College to be a tremendous opportunity. Through the University of Akron and Wayne College , I was able to receive assistance through a scholarship, other financial aid, and being hired as a student assistant in the library. At the beginning of my second year, it looked like I wouldn't be able to take my second year of classes, but the office at Wayne helped me find a way, and I was able to obtain my associate degree. As the first graduate in the Secretarial Science Medical Assistant program, Wayne College also worked to make it possible for me and, later, for others to take all the required classes here at Wayne without having to travel to the main campus. It was not uncommon at the time for students working toward an associate degree to take some classes at Akron in order to finish in two years. Wayne College also offered many student activities that made going to college here a fun experience. Not only has Wayne and the faculty and staff been supportive in the past, but also throughout my career they have offered opportunities to help me keep up with the many changes in the field and to continue to stay current. We are very fortunate to have Wayne College here and the opportunities it offers, and I am grateful for them."

Carol Dalessandro
Class of 1976





"I attended Wayne College in the early 1980's. I remember the instructors being very accessible and responsive to the needs of students. The small class size fostered a lot of interaction between students and instructors. The classes I completed at Wayne College prepared me to complete my baccalaureate and postgraduate degrees.

My experience at Wayne College was very positive and proved to be a good foundation on which to continue my education."

Joel D. Beckler
Vice President Commercial Banking
Wayne Savings Community Bank
Wooster , OH 44691





"I started at Wayne College in the fall of 1979, but decided to join the military in early 1981 suspending earning an associate degree until later in life. In the fall of 1997, I started my journey again at Wayne College as a non-traditional student. I had limited knowledge of technology such as using a computer. However, the faculty at Wayne College was very helpful in making my experience at Wayne College a very positive one. I cannot overemphasize willingness of the Wayne College faculty to assist students in achieving their goals.

I was required to attend some classes at the main campus to complete my associate degree and my bachelor degree. My daughter graduates from high school in May 2007 and I am encouraging her to begin a college career at Wayne College."

Dino Carozza
Associate Criminal Justice 2001
B.S. Emergency Management 2006
Chief, Orrville Police Department





"It's been a few years since I was an active student at Wayne College. I realized how fortunate I was, especially the second time around, when I decided to go back to pursue my business degree. The staff is great and makes it fun to learn, and I was amazed at how many adults go back to school.

I encourage all to enjoy the experience of Wayne College. It's a life learning adventure you don't want to miss. Soak up the wisdom of your teachers, for there will be somewhere in your life you will be able to use that knowledge, no matter where you are. "

Nancy Bowman
Class of 1977
Operations Manager
Suppan Foot and Ankle Clinic





"I attended Wayne College during my senior year in 1986. Upon graduation from Rittman High School, I spent the next year taking a full course load at Wayne. I found the staff at Wayne College to be extremely supportive and helpful. They were dedicated and caring professionals who worked hard to ensure every student reaches his/her maximum potential.

Attending Wayne College also allowed me the opportunity to continue to work and save money for my continuing education. My transition to the University of Akron was smooth and seamless, and I completed my bachelors in education degree three years later.

I encourage anyone to take advantage of the unique opportunity in our own backyard. Wayne College definitely helped to prepare me for the teaching/administrative profession."

James J. Ritchie
BA in Education
Masters in Educational Administration
Orrville City Schools Superintendent





"One of the first great signs that I had made the right decision in starting my college career at Wayne College came during that first Thanksgiving weekend when many of my high school friends returned from their campuses far, far away. When I started to hear stories about lecture classes with 250 students, professors so far away you needed binoculars to see them, and labs taught by graduate assistants, I had to laugh.
There were 20 students in my Biology 111 class. If I had a question, my professor, Scott Hagan, knew it by the wrinkle on my brow and would stop to ask me what I was missing. Mr. Hagan not only taught several classes (including his own labs) he also advised Student Senate and encouraged me to become truly involved in things at Wayne. What a great place for a great start! "

John C. Lorson
Bachelor of Science '87
Wayne College Admissions Counselor
Daily Record Humor Columnist