Julie Hartzler

Julie Hartzler

Disability Specialist &
Service Coordinator

Dr. Jane Fink

Dr. Jane Fink

Director of Counseling and Accessibility Services

Note taking

Note takers are students who are enrolled in the same class as the student. Students requesting note takers must present the note taker memo and accommodation letter to the instructor.

The note taker memo explains to the instructor the process of identifying eligible note takers. It also includes an anonymous announcement for the instructor to read to the class to recruit a note taker and will accompany the approved student’s letter of accommodation. Students should ask the instructor to read the memo explaining the note taker position. When a potential note taker from the class contacts the Smucker Learning Center, she/he will be hired as the note taker if the employment criteria are met.


1. Students receive the note taker accommodation approved by the Disability Specialist. Students will sign a “Release for Release of Contact Information to Note Takers” form.

2. Request accommodation letters each semester. With the accommodation letters, students will also receive the Instructor Guidelines for Securing Note takers.

3. Take the letters and memos to instructors. Instructors will read the request aloud. Interested students in the class will go to the instructor, express their interest, and receive instructions to contact the Smucker Learning Center.

4. Potential note taker will go to the Smucker Learning Center and provide his/her information.

5. Note taker’s qualifications will be verified by both the instructor and the Smucker Learning Center and the note taker will be hired.

6. If hired, the note taker will be given the student’s contact information in order to arrange the delivery of notes. The note taker will sign a confidentiality agreement; however, he/she will NOT be informed as to why the student needing a note taker is receiving the accommodation.

If the instructor does not read the note taking announcement during the first week of class, please remind them to do so in a timely manner.  If the instructor has made the announcement and a note taker still has not been assigned after two weeks of class, please discuss this issue with your teacher.  If the issue is not resolved by the third week of the semester, please contact the Disability Specialist.

No Shows:

  1. If a note taker does not report to class, the student will notify the instructor and the Disability Specialist.
  2. Students must attend class to receive notes for that day.  If there are any attendance issues, please contact the Disability Specialist.

Student Responsibility:

  • Advise the Disability Specialist if student does not want a note taker for a class.
  • We will make a good faith effort to find note takers in a timely manner. However, this depends on how early in the semester the student requests accommodations and how quickly a note taker is identified.
  • If students no longer require a note taker, they must notify the Disability Specialist.
  • A student who wishes to obtain a note taker beyond the sixth week of the semester is required to meet with the Disability Specialist to review and discuss this request.
  • Contact the Disability Specialist if there are any concerns regarding your note taker.

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