Frequently Asked Questions for Prospective Students

How do I get services from your office?

Step 1: Watch online orientation here: Coming soon!

Step 2: Click on the following link to obtain proper documentation.

Download the appropriate form, print it out, and submit it to your doctor to complete.  Once you receive a completed form, it will need to be scanned so that you can upload it with your application. 

Step 3: Apply for Services. The link to the application for services is here:

Step 4: Appointment with Disability Specialist. After the application is submitted and your documentation is received, you will be contacted for an appointment. We will have a conversation as to what supports you need to be successful.

What kind of documentation do I need to provide?

Forms are available for you to give to your current treating professional that ask for the specific information required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA guidelines require that your impairment represent a current substantial limitation to a major life activity, and in higher education, that major life activity is learning. After we receive the documentation, we will ask you to come in and meet with us.

Are there "special education" classes at Wayne College?

Students with disabilities enroll in the same classes as students who do not have disabilities. Eligible students will receive "reasonable accommodations" designed to provide equal access to their education. Courses are not modified for students with disabilities.

Will I receive the same accommodations or services that I received in high school?

Not all students who received services in high school are eligible for services in college. If you do qualify for accommodations or services, they might be different from those you received in high school. Accommodations are determined by the ADA Coordinator in the Smucker Learning Center based on the documentation you provide from your doctor.

Does the Smucker Learning Center or the Disability Specialist & Service Coordinator schedule my classes?

No. All scheduling at Wayne College is done through the Academic Advisors. You can schedule an appointment with your advisor by calling Student Services at (330) 684-8900.

How do I get accommodations for the placement tests that I may be taking?

You must request placement test accommodations prior to coming to New Student Orientation by contacting the Disability Specialist & Service Coordinator at (330) 684-8923.

Is tutoring available for students with disabilities?

Tutoring is available for all students free of charge in the Smucker Learning Center. Students registered with the Office of Accessibility receive two back- to- back appointments, for a total of 60 minutes.  Make an appointment with the front desk for tutoring in study strategies or any subject.