Referring students to the Disability Specialist

We encourage faculty and staff to refer students to our office. While faculty do not have the right to ask a student about a disability, it is appropriate to discuss your concerns about the student’s academic performance and behavior. We serve students with both permanent disabilities and some temporary medical conditions (e.g. a broken arm and can’t take notes). If you see a student who would benefit from services due to a disability or a suspected disability:

If a student discloses a disability to you, treat the information confidentially and encourage the student to visit the Smucker Learning Center website, Students with Disabilities, to initiate the accommodation process. Refer the student to our website, as well as our other contact information: Smucker Learning Center, B-107, 330-684-8960.

  • Consider keeping our brochures at your office. You can request copies of our brochure or informational flyer by calling 330-684-8960.
  • Let the student know they are not obligated to use services if they contact us. All information is confidential, and services are free of charge.
  • We are available to consult with those who suspect they have a disability but have not yet been diagnosed.
  • Testing in the Smucker Learning Center is only available to students with documented accommodations.