Smucker Learning Center - Accessibility Services

Instructor Guidelines for Securing Note Takers

Note takers are students taking the same class as the student with a disability. It is critical for the instructor to identify a note taker, to assist in doing so, or to provide notes to the student who is providing this memo. To meet the individual needs of students, it is important to discuss the following options with the student before proceeding. Here are your options for securing a note taker:

  1. The instructor identifies a note taker during the first two weeks of class. Many instructors know students in their classes or get a good sense of students in the first two weeks. You may approach a student you believe would be a good note-taker and ask them to provide this paid service. If a note-taker is found, please email the student’s name and contact information to me at
  2. The instructor provides notes to the student. Many instructors prefer to provide a form of their own lecture notes to students with a note taker accommodation. Another option is to post notes or PowerPoint slides to Springboard so that all students have access.
  3. The instructor reads the notice below to secure a note taker in the classroom. Please read this announcement each day in your class for at least one week or until a note taker has been identified. Interested students can be directed to the Smucker Learning Center for more information and to get application materials.

Please read the following announcement:

The following is an announcement from the Smucker Learning Center: There is a student, or students, in this class who require the services of a note taker. If you are willing to provide a copy of your notes for this person for each class for the rest of the semester, you will receive a one-time stipend of $150 on your Zip card. To qualify, a staff member of the Smucker Learning Center and the instructor in this class must approve your notes. If you are interested, please follow the instructions that were sent via e-mail from Julie Hartzler, Disability Specialist & Service Coordinator.

Important Reminders:

  1. It is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure that classroom accommodations are implemented in a timely manner, along with the Smucker Learning Center.
  2. To protect confidentiality, please do not identify the student with a disability to the class in any way.
  3. Though students are strongly encouraged to give you a letter of accommodation within the first two weeks of school, this does not always happen. Accommodations are only effective from the date the student presents the letter. If you receive a letter later in the semester, attempt to find a note taker within two weeks.
  4. Note takers will be paid at the end of the semester in which they are taking notes. Payment is $150 per class credited to their All-Campus Zip Card Account.