Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

A student in my class says she has a disability. What do I do?
Students who have any kind of disability should see the Disability Specialist in the Smucker Learning Center. The Disability Specialist will use documentation from medical professionals to determine the best classroom accommodations for the student. You will be notified of these accommodations through an e-mail sent to you by the Office of Accessibility Services during the first weeks of class.

Am I responsible for providing services listed in an accommodation letter?
Faculty are responsible for providing the accommodations listed in the letter. You are not responsible for any accommodations that are not listed or for providing accommodations to students from whom you have not received an accommodation e-mail. You can work with the Smucker Learning Center to provide the accommodations listed for your student.

What are some examples of accommodations?
Some common accommodations are extended time for exams and quizzes, a reader for exams and quizzes, a distraction-reduced testing environment or a note taker. See Faculty Rights and Responsibilities (PDF).

My office isn’t a quiet place. Where can students take their tests?
Students who qualify for a distraction-reduced testing environment should take their tests in the Smucker Learning Center. Students should request to test in the Smucker Learning Center through STARS at least one week before the test. SLC staff will schedule at testing room for the student and provide a reader, writer and/or quiet testing room based on the student’s accommodations. You should receive an e-mail containing the test request details and a link where you can upload a copy of the exam into STARS. Students will take the exam at the same time as the rest of the class, and you can pick up the completed exam later that day.

A student in my class was sick. Can that student make up tests in your office too?
No. The Smucker Learning Center only provides testing rooms for students with documented disabilities. You will need to arrange a make-up test with other students individually.

Should I go easy on a student with a disability?
Students with disabilities are expected to meet the same course expectations as their peers. The student’s accommodations are provided to create an equal learning environment for that student.

I think a student in my class might have a learning disability. Can I ask him about it?
Faculty do not have the right to ask a student about a disability. If a student discloses a disability to you, treat the information confidentially and encourage the student to visit the Smucker Learning Center website, Accessibility Services, to initiate the accommodation process.