Requesting Accommodations and Services (each semester)

  1. Schedule your classes by meeting with your academic advisor or independently registering online or in person. We suggest you schedule as soon as possible. We also recommend you view the following suggestions for meeting with your academic advisor to schedule classes.
  2. Check to see if any of your accommodations have request deadlines. Many accommodations have deadlines in order to have sufficient time to coordinate your services.  For any questions about deadlines, students may contact their disability specialist. Please note that if a deadline is missed, services will not be denied, but accommodations may take significantly longer to implement.
  3. Visit the Student Testing and Accommodation Request System (STARS) website: and complete the steps to request accommodations. Staff will be happy to assist you in completing this form. Additionally, you can refer to your STARS student training manual. An electronic copy is located here:
  4. Students must clearly mark the accommodations needed for each class.
  5. The office will verify the student’s eligibility for the services they are requesting.

Schedule Changes

If you change your schedule, it is your responsibility to update your accommodation request in STARS. We are unable to process requests for added classes or schedule changes unless the accommodation request is updated.

Using Accommodations and Services

  • Request accommodation letters through the STARS website,
  • The accommodation letters will be emailed to instructors the week before or upon request once the semester begins. We suggest that students discuss the accommodations they plan on using with each instructor.

Take steps to implement accommodations and maintain good communication with instructors and with the Office of Accessibility.