Becoming a Note-taker for the Office of Accessibility

Becoming a note-taker for the Office of Accessibility a great opportunity to help a fellow student and get paid for something that you are already doing for yourself! Note-takers are students enrolled in the same course as the student eligible to receive the note-taking services. Note-takers simply provide their notes to the student(s) to whom they are assigned. The Office of Accessibility will provide you with the necessary training so that you can scan your notes in the library or the Smucker Learning Center Computer Lab. It is very easy!

Some benefits of being a note-taker include:

  • $150 per class you are assigned as a note-taker. The money will be placed on your Zip Card at the end of the semester if all notes were provided to the student within the required time frame.
  • Enhance your resume- your participation can be indicated on resumes.
    • Example Resume Statement:
    • Note-taker (Semester and Year)
    • The University of Akron, Office of Accessibility
    • Provided detailed notes, weekly, for qualified students registered with The Office of Accessibility.
  • Gain satisfaction from helping a fellow student. We are looking for people who write legibly, summarize the main points, and have the desire to help another student.


  1. Please go to Smucker Learning Center Computer lab (B-117) to fill out an electronic application in STARS to be a note- taker. If you are not on campus, click here to register.
  2. Request a copy of the Instructor Verification form from the front desk of the Smucker Learning Center, which needs to be filled out by your instructor. After the Instructor Verification form is fill out, please return it to the Smucker Learning Center front desk, along with a copy of two pages of your notes. You may also download it from here.
  3. View Note-taking training video. This must be completed, along with the instructor verification form in order to be given a note-taking assignment.  (Videos Below)
  4. After your application is filled out and you have handed in the Instructor Verification form to the Smucker Learning Center front desk, please schedule an appointment with Julie Hartzler for note-taker training.