Alternative Media Format

Required course materials (books, course packets, readings) may be prepared in these ways:

  1. Downloaded in a PDF file from the publisher. These files can be uploaded into Kurzweil (screen reader). Each student who needs alternative media will be given a Kurzweil account.
  2. Requested as Braille. Braille requests must be processed in conjunction with the Akron campus Office of Accessibility and coordinated through the Wayne College Disability Specialist.

Students will meet with Disability Specialist to determine which format best suits their needs.

Student Responsibility:

  • Request alternative media accommodation prior to the start of the semester.
  • Purchase all textbooks and provide proof of purchase at the time alternative formats are requested.
  • If textbooks are to be scanned, provide textbooks for the process of conversion if the books are not available through other resources. During this process, the binding will be cut off, and the books will be scanned and converted. A spiral or tape binding will replace the original binding before it is returned to the student. Students can sell books back to the University Bookstore with spiral or tape binding.
  • Books on CDs that are signed out at the beginning of the semester must be returned no later than the last day of classes for same semester.
  • In the case of course handout materials, the student is responsible for contacting the Disability Specialist to arrange the scanning of handout materials. We recommend a minimum of one week notice for handout requests.
  • All students receiving textbooks in alternative format will be required to attend a short meeting with a specialist to discuss helpful ways to utilize this resource.