From the Acting Director

Welcome to the branch campuses of The University of Akron. Whether you’re considering taking classes at UA Wayne College, UA Medina, UA Lakewood or at your local high school as a college credit plus student, you can be a part of our ZIPS family.

At UA’s branch campuses, we believe in our students and are focused on helping them achieve their dreams. We provide access to a high quality, affordable higher education. One of the many advantages of attending one of our branch campuses is our connection with The University of Akron’s main campus, located in downtown Akron. Whether you decide to complete your degree at UA Wayne College or finish at the University, we will help you find a path that is right for you and fits within your life.

Our students take advantage of a range of support services to help them on their journey. Students enjoy services such as free tutoring in our Smucker Learning Center and research assistance in our library. Our academic advisors and faculty take pride in getting to know our students individually and fostering a climate of personal growth and achievement. When you become a part of our community, you develop meaningful and lasting connections to peers and mentors.

Our UA Wayne College campus is a beautiful place to walk and take some time to enjoy the natural beauty of rural Ohio. Contact our admissions staff to discover how we can help you build your future, as we truly live by our motto, Where student success comes first!

Dr. Heather A. Howley,
Acting Director of Branch Campuses
The University of Akron Wayne College