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Hours of chat service:

  • The library staff are available to chat during the library's normal service hours.
  • If we are currently unavailable, please try back in a few minutes. If the library is closed, you can send us an email ( ) and we will respond to your question as soon as possible.
  • Use the embedded chat widgets throughout the library's websites to ask us a question as a guest.

Chat Reference Tips:

  • The library staff will give priority to library patrons in the library.
  • If the library's chat account is unavailable (we're away from the desk or helping another patron) please try back in a few minutes.
  • Chat is ideal for short, general information requests. For more detailed assistance, please come into the library, email, or call us.
  • The library staff reserve the right to end any chat session that is considered to be non-professional in nature and block users who violate the Library's Acceptable Behavior Policy.

User Responsibility Statement and Code of Conduct: 

Wayne College Library staff will treat all chat users with respect and courtesy.  Users of this service who feel they are not treated with respect should contact the Library Director with any comments or complaints.  Chat users are expected to treat the library staff with the same respect and courtesy. 

A chat user (student, faculty, staff, or community member) who participates in chat services will abide by the following code of conduct:

  • Chat users will correspond with the library staff in a respectful and professional manner.
  • Chat users will understand that the library staff may be assisting multiple patrons at the same time and be patient throughout the chat session.
  • Chat users will abide by the library’s Acceptable Behavior Policy and the University’s Code of Student Conduct at all times.  Academic misconduct includes asking librarians to answer questions from tests, quizzes, or exams.
  • Chat users will refrain from being deliberately or continuously uncooperative, asking misleading, inappropriate, or personal questions, or otherwise denying service to other legitimate users of the service.

A chat user who acts in violation of this code of conduct will receive two warnings before the library staff member will end the chat session and block the user from the service.  Library staff members reserve the right to disconnect chat sessions at their discretion.  Serious offenses will be dealt with in an appropriate manner, including referral to Student Judicial Affairs or Campus Police.


  • The University of Akron Wayne College library is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of its users. As with all reference and information transactions, we follow The University of Akron 's privacy policies.

There's an App for Chat!

Download the Ask a Librarian Mobile App on your mobile devices. Search for "UA Wayne College Library" to chat with us.

Chat service is available during normal library hours of operation.
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