Wayne College Class Delivery Descriptions

For the Spring 2023 Semester 

The University of Akron Wayne Campus will deliver spring course through a variety of formats, including in-person, online, and hybrid. Below is an overview of the variety of course delivery formats you may see on your schedule. Please make sure to check your schedule frequently so you do not miss any late changes to your classes or their delivery formats. The spring semester begins on Monday, January 9, 2023.

  • Online Asynchronous:
    • For these classes you will see no dates or times. This mean the course does not require any real-time meetings. You can watch lectures and complete assignments on your own time, keeping in mind that there are still set class due dates and deadlines. Students will see “WWW Site” which means the location of your class is online.

  •  Online Live (Synchronous):
    • You will see days and times that your class meets but all class meetings will take place online. Students will be notified through Brightspace with specific directions on how to long into your virtual class meeting at the beginning of the semester. 

  • In-Person:
    • Days and times along with room number will appear on your class schedule. At Wayne Campus, students will see either a single letter (A-E) and a room number for the Main Classroom Building or “SLB” and a room number for classes taking place in the Student Life Building. For students taking classes at the Medina Campus, students will see “MCUC” followed by a room number.

The final type of class delivery method is Hybrid, which blends several of the above delivery formats into one class.

Students will see two sets of information on their schedule for Hybrid classes:

  1. In-Person part of the course: Students will see class times and room locations just as they would for an In-Person class listed above. Typically, students will meet In-Person one day each week.

  2. Online part of the course: Like the online asynchronous course description above, students will not see any days or times listed for the online portion of the class and will see “WWW Site” for that portion of the class.

  3. A limited number of courses synchronous and asynchronous in which one day will be live online at a set time and the other half of the class will be completed on your own time with no set lecture time.

  4. Two classes, COMM 325 and BIOL 311 will be taught as hybrid classes with option of meeting in-person or online on the set class days.

For questions about Welcome to Wayne Day, contact your academic advisor or the Student Services Center at 330-684-8900.

Our Advisors

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