Wayne College's self-study document, Wayne College 2020: Continuing Our Shared Vision of Excellence, can be viewed in a browser window here.  For best results, download a copy of the document in Adobe Acrobat here.  The download may take several minutes and the file is approximately 30 MB.

Self Study Process

For the 2011 HLC accreditation visit, Wayne College chose a mode that was a continuation of its self-study work from 2001 but with a deeper analysis and evaluation of its critical systems and processes.

Wayne College identified nine critical systems to study its own performance in relation to the HLC Criteria:

  1. Leadership and Advancement
  2. Strategic Planning and Budgeting
  3. Academic Affairs and Student Learning
  4. Enrollment Management and Student Services
  5. Community Outreach and Development
  6. Communication and Information
  7. Human Resources and Employee Development
  8. Facilities and Technology
  9. Assessment

The governance and administrative structures of Wayne College allowed for meaningful participation by all stakeholders—faculty, staff, administration, students, and community members. The College organized the self-study by using the existing committee and work group structure and administrative units, rather than building a new ad hoc committee structure whose sole purpose would be to provide a self-study for HLC accreditation.  Each of the committees, work groups, task forces, or administrative units related to each critical system was involved in responding to pertinent HLC criteria through system and process analyses and evaluations in the context of the College’s mission and strategic plan. The self-study systems model represents and delineates the committees, work groups, and administrative units involved in the analysis of each critical system.

Download the entire report here (30 MB - Large PDF file, please be patient)