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The University of Akron Wayne College offers its students a variety of services: Internet access, library services, free tutoring in the Smucker Learning Center, learning disabilities services, academic advising, career counseling and job placement, personal counseling and financial aid assistance.

Wayne College students also enjoy a choice of extracurricular activities. They may participate in campus clubs, organizations, social events and cultural activities, intramurals, intercollegiate athletics, the campus newspaper (The Wayne Mirror), or Waynessence, the literary magazine. Facilities include a gym, racquetball court, conditioning room, soccer and softball fields, and walking trails.  

The Student Services Office is the first office you will see when you visit the Wayne College campus. Our friendly staff can answer your questions about all the different services Wayne College offers. Call them at (330) 684-8900 or toll-free at 1-800-221-8308, ext. 8900, or e-mail your questions to WayneAdmissions@uakron.edu.

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