New Student Organization
Application Procedures

In order for a newly formed student organization to become officially registered at The University of Akron Wayne College, an organization must comply with the following criteria and procedures as established by the Board of Trustees, Associated Student Government, the Office of Student Development and the Senior Director of Student Life & Enrollment Management of The University of Akron Wayne College Wayne College:

1. Applications for registering a new student organization will be accepted throughout the school year. However, funding requests will only be accepted in the month of October (fall semester) for each academic school year. Any New or Continuing organization will need to submit a registration application, constitution, list of student members and funding request by the first week in October. Groups not meeting this deadline will still have the opportunity to register as an organization, but will not be granted funding.

2. New organizations with interest in seeking University recognition must meet with the Student Activities Coordinator:

Student Activities Coordinator
The University of Akron Wayne College
Room SLB-119
Phone: (330) 684-8973
Fax: (330) 684-8989

The Coordinator will outline the requirements for recognition, review the recognition process with the representative, and answer any questions or concerns. If the organization wishes to proceed, the Coordinator then informs the Department of Student Services of the organization's intention.

3. Procedures for Recognition:

a. A representative of the organization must appear before the Student Senate and present a written request to be recognized with its constitution and bylaws, rosters of officers and members, and a faculty/staff adviser. Student Senate meetings are scheduled bi-weekly. Meetings are open and any student may attend. The request shall be tabled until the next meeting, so that the submitted documents can be reviewed and verified by the Student Senate.

b. Once recognized, the organization must send one representative to the monthly All Student Senate meetings.

c. Recognition does not guarantee funding will be allocated to the organization.

4. The review process for undergraduate organizations is as follows:
a. The Coordinator of Student Activities reviews the application materials for any revisions and/or corrections, and if necessary requests to meet with the president and/or key member, to finalize revisions.

b. Upon completion of the review process by the Coordinator of Student Activities:

•  Legislation shall be proposed to the Student Senate recommending that the new group become recognized as a registered student organization at the University.

•  An organization representative is required to attend the Senate meeting to answer proposed questions about the organization, and shall be invited.

•  Upon Senate's approval the legislation is forwarded for further review and/or recommendation, and for signed authorization from the following:

•  Student Senate Chair and President
•  Senior Director of Student Life and Enrollment Management

•  Upon review, if there are no further recommendations, and all University criteria has been met, official recognition of the new student organization is granted by the Senor Director of Student Life and Enrollment Management, on behalf of the Dean of The University of Akron Wayne College.

•  At any time during the application process, the organization's packet may be returned for changes, as recommended by the reviewing committee and/or other parties. Once recommended changes are completed, resubmitted and verified, the application will continue to the next stage in the process. Date documents to assure information submitted is current.

•  Upon completion of the review process the Coordinator of Student Activities will send official notification to the organization's president and faculty adviser. At that time, all other appropriate offices on campus shall be notified the registration process is complete. The organization shall begin to receive pertinent information for the successful operation of the organization, and become eligible for the privileges outlined in step #7.

5. Student organizations must meet the necessary qualifications and procedures in order to be recognized by The University of Akron Wayne College . They include:

a. Membership of an organization requesting to be recognized must total 5 or more current Wayne College students.

b. All members must be enrolled in at least six credit hours, for the academic school year, at The University of Akron Wayne College campus.

c. Each member, at the time of petitioning, must possess a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better.

d. The purpose of the organization shall not involve activities in violation of the laws of the City of Orrville , the State of Ohio , and the Federal Government nor the regulations of The University of Akron Wayne College.

e. Organizations must maintain an adviser, list of officers and membership roster, and a written constitution on file with the Office of Student Services.

6. A prospective student organization has limited access to campus facilities:

Group A - Prospective student organizations that have received a New Student Organization Application Packet from the Activities Coordinator can reserve the use of campus facilities a maximum of four (4) times, unless authorized by the Coordinator of Student Activities. These facilities forms are available in the Business Office. Once completed, form should be placed in mailbox of the Coordinator of Student Activities.

Group B - A prospective student organization having submitted a completed application to the Student Activities Coordinator is permitted to reserve on-campus meeting space, as needed, while the review is in process. The organization may continue to post a single (8 1/2 x 11") flyer, per event on the Student Activities Board.

•  Organizations with A or B status can use the Wayne Zipmail to announce recruitment activities only.

•  Organizations with A or B status cannot: (1) incur Student Services charges or (2) sponsor fund raisers.

7. Other privileges and resources will be available when the new student organization becomes fully registered including, but not limited to, the following:

•  (a.) Use of Wayne College facilities; i.e., meeting rooms and lobby tables.

•  (b.) Permission to reserve a student organization website address on the University server. CREATING AND DEVELOPING YOUR WEB PAGE: The adviser from your student organization must send a memo to the Coordinator of Student Activities requesting a web address (URL) be set up for the student organization. After the student organization web page template has been created and placed on the University server, Coordinator of Student Activities will notify the adviser with your organization's web address (URL).

•  (c.) Extracurricular Activities Fund (EAF) and/or Contingency Funding, if eligible.

•  (d.) Assistance is available from the Coordinator of Student Activities, (330) 684-8973.

•  (e.) Participation in all campus events such as the Welcome Back Festival, Activities Fair, recruitment events, and the all sporting events.

•  (f.) Use of the University name, trademark, and logo per University policy. (

•  (g.) Eligibility to apply for a designated student organization office space and mailbox.

8. The president/student leader and/or Adviser of the organization applying for recognition must complete, sign, and submit the following documents, which MUST BE TYPED . Note: these forms are also available via the web at: .

a. Cover Letter: Written to the attention of the Senior Director of Student Life and Enrollment Management. The letter should include a synopsis of the organization's purpose, statement of goals and objectives, and why the organization wants to become recognized. If the proposed organization is affiliated with other local, regional, or national organizations, the affiliation must be identified in the cover letter.

b. Constitution: A structured outline to assist in preparing your group's constitution is linked. The Coordinator of Student Activities can provide assistance in preparing the document. Do not include specific dates or names of your officers in the constitution.

c. Charter Membership Roster: Complete the Charter Member List included in this packet with a minimum of five (5) currently enrolled, University of Akron Wayne College students, who are in good standing with the University. Provide the names and student identification numbers (empl I.D.) to verify the student's status and current address.

d. Registration Form: Complete this form including the signature of both the president/student leader and faculty adviser. INFORMATION MUST BE TYPED AND KEPT CURRENT

e. Compliance Statement: This is based upon the "Operations for Registered Student Organizations at The University of Akron." Both the President/Student Leader and Faculty Adviser must read and sign this agreement.

9. Submit a printed copy of the completed new organization application packet and all required information, to the Coordinator of Student Activities

10. All packets are reviewed to assure that they have met the following criteria:

a. The packet clearly states the organization's name, affiliations of the organization (local, state and national), and the purpose why the organization wishes to form.

b. The organization's purpose is not duplicative of another existing and currently registered University of Akron student organization.

c. The organization's purpose, objectives and activities are consistent with the objectives, rules and regulations of The University of Akron, and all municipal, state and federal laws.

d. Unless federal or state laws allow exceptions, the organization will not discriminate in its member selection process.

e. The organization's constitution is clear, concise and incorporates all required University provisions, and other necessary information for the successful operation of a student organization.

f. At least five (5), currently enrolled, University of Akron Wayne College students, who are in good standing with the University, are requesting that the organization become officially recognized and registered.

g. A faculty member, who is a full-time faculty member or contract professional at The University of Akron Wayne College, has been selected.

11. All proposed new organizations should be aware that the University will discourage the registration of student organizations that:

a. Utilize behavior modification techniques, mind control techniques and similar forms of coercive behavior.

b. Do not permit or limits free speech, self-criticism and the right to leave the organization without penalty.

c. Through physical stress or any subtle or covert technique impairs, makes captive or destroys an individual's freedom of thought.

d. If requested refuses to reveal and explain the organization's financial structure and support.

12. Many variables affect the speed of the review process, inclusive of the timeliness the organization in submits the required documents, the quality and clarity of the application, attendance at required meetings, the organization's response to requests for revisions, and the number of review bodies involved in the process.

13. The status of the organization in the review process will be monitored by the Coordinator of Student Activities, and the organization is welcome to inquire about its status by contacting the Activities Coordinator at (330) 684-8973.

14. All recognized organizations are required to register annually during the fall semester by the announced deadline, with the Office of Student Services.

•  An organization that does not maintain its annual registration and fails to register within five (5) years is subject to the initial review process. Annual registration requires the organization to submit signed Annual Registration forms, identifying its current officers, and adviser; and a completed Compliance Statement. Organizations are required to submit a constitution every four (4) years.

15. Organizations that apply for Extracurricular Activities Funding (EAF), and fail to apply within a two-year period are subjected to first-time-funding status.

•  Student organizations must appoint a representative to attend monthly All Student Senate meetings, and are required to attend 75% of the mandatory meetings each academic year. Organizations that fail to attend 75% of the meetings will not receive EAF funding the following academic year.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our staff at:

Coordinator of Student Activities
The University of Akron Wayne College , Room D-214
Telephone: (330) 684-8973