Wayne College receives 10-year continued accreditation!

The University of Akron Wayne College is accredited at the associate degree level by the Higher Learning Commission. Interested parties can contact the Higher Learning Commission at 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604; 1-800-621-7440; www.ncahigherlearningcommission.org.

In 2008 the College launched the self-study process, culminating in 2011 with the publication of the self-study document, Wayne College 2020: Continuing Our Shared Vision of Excellence.  For more information on the self-study process and to view the document, visit the self-study page.

The Higher Learning Commission's comprehensive evaluation visit took place on April 18-20, 2011.  Following the visit the evaluation team provided the College with two reports. The Assurance Section provides a record of the visit along with specific evidence collected during the evaluation and rationale for the accrediation status recommendation.  The Advancement Section offers the College recommendations for future improvements and highlights the College's accomplishments.  To view the Assurance Section and Advancement Section reports click here.

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee is currently working with the Office of Academic Affairs to address the recommendations made by the Higher Learning Commission's evaluation team.  The Committee's initial review of the Assurance and Advancement section reports can be viewed here.

For information on accreditation or to review copies of the accreditation documents, contact the Wayne College Dean's Office, The University of Akron Wayne College, 1901 Smucker Road, Orrville, OH 44667; 330-684-8941.