The Sixty-Plus Program provides residents 60 and older the opportunity to audit classes, or take courses for credit, on a space-available, nontuition basis. Auditing allows students to attend classes, but college credit is not awarded.

As auditing students, Sixty-Plus participants are exempt from payment of tuition and general service fees, but are expected to pay for any books, special fees, and laboratory or instructional fees. To qualify for the Sixty-Plus Program, the prospective student must be 60 years of age or older and have resided in the State of Ohio for at least one year.

To be eligible for nontuition courses for credit, the student's family income must be less than 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines as revised annually by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services for a family size equal to the size of the family of the person whose income is being determined.

Sixty-Plus participants may enroll for 11 or fewer credits unless a request to enroll in a greater number of credits is approved by the Senior Vice President and Provost. Participants in this program may be prohibited from enrolling in certain courses or classes for which special course or training prerequisites apply, or in which physical demands upon students are inappropriate for persons 60 years of age or older, or in which the number of participating regular students is insufficient to cover the University's or College's course-related expenses as determined by the University.

Space availability is determined after the degree-seeking students have registered. Sixty-Plus registrations are held immediately before the start of each term and participants must register in person.

Sixty-Plus participants are subject to the same disciplinary and/or governance rules affecting all students. Sixty-Plus students will be issued a Student ID Card, which permits them use of specific University/College facilities and services and provides student rates for purchasing goods and services. 

Sixty-Plus is a specific program to provide free college courses to people over the age of 60. Anyone wishing to pursue a degree, who does not meet the financial guidelines for nontuition, is welcome to attend at any age.

For further information regarding the Sixty-Plus Program, contact the Student Services Office at 330-683-2010 or
1-800-221-8308, ext. 8900.



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