Wayne College Library is located in Orrville, Ohio.

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Wayne College Library is a regional branch of The University of Akron Libraries system.

Wayne College Library is a member of the OhioLINK:

  • OhioLINK (The Ohio Library and Information Network) is a consortium of 89 Ohio college and university libraries, and the State Library of Ohio, that work together to provide Ohio students, faculty and researchers with the information they need for teaching and research.
  • OhioLINK member libraries share an online catalog, The OhioLINK Library Catalog.
  • OhioLINK member libraries share access to online research databases, listed here.

General Library Questions
What are the library's hours of operation?
How do I contact the library if I need help?
Where can I go to get help in the library?
Can people who don't attend Wayne College use the library?
What other University of Akron libraries are available to Wayne College students?
What is OhioLINK?
What is SearchOhio?
Are there jobs for student assistants in the library?
How do I use my Zip Card in the library?
How do I add money to my Zip Card?
Where on campus do they accept Zip Card funds as payment?
Is there a photocopier available in the library?
I want to research something online. Which computers can I use in the library?
Where can I print out a document?
Where can I find a color printer?
What is the purpose of the library lab?
I have a break between classes around lunch time. Can I eat my lunch in the library?
Do I have to be quiet when I'm in the library?
Where can I get a set of headphones to use in the library?
What is the Community Room?
Is there any place I can meet as a group to study together?
I need to watch a video. Can I watch it in the library?
I need to save a document and I don't have a disk.