1. Students will apply analytic and/or critical thinking skills to solve problems.

a. Recognize and summarize salient points.
b. Use logical/ systematic approaches to solve problems and make decisions.
c. Draw reasoned conclusions.
d. Apply principles and generalizations already learned to new problems and situations.
e. Synthesize and integrate information and ideas.
f. Distinguish between facts and opinions.

2. Students will apply effective communication skills.

a. Demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
b. Demonstrate effective written communication skills.

3. Students will demonstrate information literacy.

a. Recognize and articulate an information need.
b. Identify and select appropriate information sources.
c. Develop and use successful search strategies.
d. Locate and retrieve relevant information in a variety of formats.
e. Critically evaluate the information retrieved.
f. Use information in a cohesive, logical, and ethical manner.

4. Students will demonstrate the appropriate use of technology.

a. Select and use appropriate technological tools for a variety of purposes.
b. Produce and disseminate information using technology.
c. Use technology in an efficient and responsible manner.  
d. Use technology in accordance with institutional policies and practices.