Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

(Formerly known as: Technical Experience Assessment Program (T.E.A.))
Students may be able to earn up to 24 credit hours for introductory-level technical courses in our associate degree programs through the PLA program. The exact amount of credit will depend upon the student’s major area of study and, of course, his/her experience.

The Interview

  • Interested individuals meet the PLA coordinator to discuss specifics:
    - which courses are available
    - what type of experiences must be documented to receive credit
    - cost, timetable, etc.
  • Potential students will examine the content for each of the courses they are considering to decide whether their experiences match the "learning outcomes" for the course(s).
  • If the individual is confident that he or she can demonstrate experience and proficiency in the material covered by the course, then he/ she may enroll in the Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Preparation (PLAPP) course.

The PLAPP Course

  • PLAPP is a noncredit course conducted through the Continuing Education program. (One need not be admitted to The University of Akron Wayne College to enroll in PLAPP.) 
  • Class meets one night a week for 8 weeks.
  • The class provides step-by-step guidance and instruction on assembling relevant experience into a logical, standardized format-the Portfolio-for review by faculty in the subject area. 
  • Students may develop one portfolio, or multiple portfolios simultaneously (if pursuing credit in multiple courses).
  • Students may develop portfolios in the future without having to repeat the PLAPP course!
  • Courses eligible through PLA

Submission and Review

  • Upon completion, the student will submit the portfolio for faculty review. A review fee must accompany each portfolio submitted.
  • The faculty reviewer determines whether the illustrated experience meets the learning outcomes of the course and assigns a status:
    - Approved for Credit
    - Credit Pending Approval (more information needed)
    - Credit Denied (Student not receiving credit will be provided written documentation regarding deficiencies that precluded credit awards.)

Credit Granted

  • Upon recommendation for credit, the student will submit an alternative credit form to the registrar along with a small fee. Credit for the course will then be permanently recorded on their transcript.
    (Admission to The University of Akron Wayne College must be complete for this step, so those who have not yet applied for admission must do so before credit is recorded.)

Fees and Costs

  • PLAPP Course at Wayne College
    - $80 tuition for Continuing Education Course
  • Faculty Review Fee - $55 per portfolio reviewed
  • Alternative Credit Award - $15 per credit hour (typical 3-hr. class = $45)

    (Those who have not been admitted to The University of Akron Wayne College prior to the recommendation for credit must apply for admission to the college, which includes a nonrefundable application fee.)


  • PLA Coordinator:
    Garth Schoffman Coordinator
    330-972-8938 ● e-mail