Wayne College Scholarship Application
  • NEW FRESHMEN (Never attended previously): Priority Application deadline: March 1 / Secondary Application deadline: July 1
  • CONTINUING STUDENTS: Priority application deadline: April 1
  • New scholarship applications and A Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) renewals are necessary each year.
  • FAFSA must be completed by December 1st of the preceding year for priority consideration for need-based aid.
Incomplete applications may not be considered - Any application received after July 1st deadline may be considered for a secondary awarding for spring only

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Specific Scholarships List any specific scholarships you would like to be considered for. Please note!! You must submit any specific information to Wayne College Student Services attn: Scholarships, if the scholarship requires it, in order to be considered for that scholarship. Ex: Some require letter of recommendation, separate questionnaire, or an additional essay.
Career Plans Provide a summary of your goals and career plans as well as any school and/or community activities, particularly those where you demonstrated leadership skills.
Previous Scholarships List any previous scholarships (UA / Wayne College) you have been awarded:
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