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Students must be admitted to The University of Akron Wayne College following the college admission process. In addition to this application, two written character references will be reviewed for admission to The University of Akron Wayne College Paraprofessional Education, Intervention Specialist or Early Childhood Associate Degree program. Contact will be made with you when all requirements have been met for full admission into the program. A BCII check must be completed prior to field observations within the education courses.
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Prior Experience Related to Work with Children/Youth List in the order of most recent to earliest any volunteer work, extracurricular or other activities where you have worked with, helped, or taught other people.

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Prior Work Experience Please list below any work experience (full time or part time) you have had during or since high school. If you have had several positions, please describe your most recent work experience.

References You are responsible for the submission of one Applicant Recommendation Form ( by an appropriate person who can attest to your character.
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