Persistence- it takes time and patience to determine a career path that uses your talents, satisfies your interests and incorporates your personal values.

Exploring occupations - these sites will help you explore the many occupations available.

Ohio Bioworkforce Training Partnership “Ohio Bioscience Careers”

Career resources (various other links):

Career research - These University of Akron resouces offer a great deal of information.

Medina County University Center: 

College of Arts and Sciences Careers Program at The Univ of Akron:

Company research - These sites will help you research a specfic company or help find the kinds of companies you would like to apply to.,35.htm

These sites will help you research companies and keep you up to date on business news.

This site lists the type of licensure or certification test associated with an occupation.  It has practice questions and job postings associated with each career.

This site provides job openings and practice tests for the certification exam for certified nurse assistants.