Wayne College receives grants for nursing lab equipment


Wayne College students, Alyssa Leach and Titus Bixler disassemble the advanced ear model to take a closer look at the ear drum and makings of the inner ear. The University of Akron Wayne College received three grants to help purchase nursing lab equipment, as Wayne College plans to expand its offering of nursing courses on campus.  The three foundations include The Wayne County Community Foundation (WCCF), The Austin-Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation and the Romich Foundation.

The WCCF approved a grant to Wayne College from the Carl E. Congdon, Jr. and Susanna Congdon McIntyre Memorial fund. The equipment purchased from this grant will be used to support students learning outcomes in our nursing courses and includes a number of items, such as an eye model and an advanced ear model.

L/R - The Eye Model has captivated the attention of Kayla Burress and Alexandra Huffman, as they study the different parts and functions of the eye. The Student Auscultation Manikin (SAM II) is another piece of equipment received and was made possible with grants from The Austin-Bailey Health and Wellness Foundation and the Romich Foundation. SAM II is used in teaching and learning the heart, lung and bowel sounds, giving students a life-like experience.

Marlene Huff, associate dean school of nursing (center), is explaining to  students (L/R) Ariel Snyder and Alexandra Huffman what they will be learning from the Student Auscultation Manikin.The University of Akron Wayne College is an educational and cultural hub for Wayne County and the surrounding region. Student success is achieved through excellent teaching with an emphasis on individualized attention. Students are prepared for further educational pursuits, career success, and lifelong learning. Programming and support services are extended to our Regional Academic Centers, including The University of Akron Millersburg, Medina and Lakewood. To learn more, please visit wayne.uakron.edu.