Mission Statement: Waynessence, the literary magazine of the University of Akron Wayne College, is published for the campus community to provide an audience for aspiring writers and artists.

Waynessence is staffed by student writers and editors and is published semiannually.
Students, faculty, staff, and alumni of The University of Akron Wayne College may submit short stories, poetry, photos, or artwork.

Interested or have questions?
Contact Kristin Foy Samson at kcfoy@uakron.edu

Contact waynessence@uakron.edu to indicate your interest in joining the staff.

Waynessence has moved, to view the latest edition visit: waynessenceblog.edublogs.org

Submission Forms
* Submission Form (PDF).

*Note: Human subjects must sign a publication release form in order for Waynessence to publish their likenesses. Parents may sign for minors, but we still need a signed form.  

All entries, including art work, must be titled or the editors will assign a title.

Complete a Waynessence submission form.

In all written work, check for spelling, punctuation and grammar.  If these are a weakness for you, the Learning Center staff can help. The Waynessence staff reserves the right to choose and edit written submissions and art and photography based on length, technical accuracy, and audience considerations.

Photography: Note date, model's name and parent's name--if it applies—address, and signature. Photos may be published in black and white. Please indicate the TOP of the photo on the back. They must be in JPEG or TIFF format.

Art work: Art work may be published in black and white, maximum size 8 1/2 x 11. It must be submitted as a JPEG or TIFF file. Any business with a Copy Center can help you "reduce" your work. Indicate the TOP of the artwork on the back.

Essays and short stories: Must be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word. Please keep your work under 1,000 words.

Poetry: May have the stanzas single-spaced, with double spaces between stanzas. If there are no separate stanzas, double space between lines for easier reading. Must be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word.

Electronic Submissions: All written works MUST be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word by e-mail to waynessence@uakron.edu. (The only exception to this would be written submissions intended as "word art", which should be scanned and submitted electronically as a JPEG file.)

2020 Submission deadlines:
Written work (Prose, Poetry, Short Stories): March 11, 2020
Art work (Photographs, Painting, Sketches): March 11, 2020
Please submit all work to waynessence@uakron.edu.


Check out the past issues of Waynessence as PDFs:  

Spring 2020 (PDF) - 8.6MB
Fall 2019 (PDF) - 9MB
Spring 2019 (PDF) - 6MB
Fall 2018 (PDF) - 5MB
Spring 2018 (PDF) - 1.6MB
Fall 2017 (PDF) - 1.4MB
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Fall 2016 (PDF) - 4.2MB
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Fall 2006 (PDF) - 1.65MB
Spring 2006 (PDF) - 3.97MB
Fall 2005 (PDF) - 2.19MB
Spring 2005 (PDF) - 2.42MB
Fall 2004 (PDF) - 2.64MB
Spring 2004 (PDF)
- 0.99MB
Fall 2003 (PDF) - 4.91MB
Spring 2003 (PDF) - 4.09MB
Fall 2002 (PDF)
- 1.53MB
Spring 2002 (PDF) - 2.00MB
Fall 2001 (PDF) - 0.74MB
Spring 2001 (PDF) - 2.56MB

Earth Yubeng by Sarah Jane Morrow


Pan-d-orable by Abigail Callahan


Summer Sky by Gordon R. Beals

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Waynessence Photo