Associated Student Government (ASG)

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The Wayne College Associated Student Government (ASG) represents the student body in governance issues on campus. The ASG meets on a weekly basis during the fall and spring semesters. Members of the ASG serve on various college committees, address student issues and concerns, and work to ensure that students are properly represented in campus matters. Elections are held during the spring semester, and any seats remaining vacant at the beginning of the fall semester are filled through a special election. 

There are many benefits associated with this organization.  Students work closely with the faculty and staff of Wayne College and can really make a difference in the college environment.  Past student involvement has lead to greater leadership and social skills, letters of recommendation for employment purposes and financial aid, awards, and special recognition.  Membership for the ASG is open to all students who are dedicated, responsible and have a desire for involvement and personal growth.  Potential students must achieve and maintain a minimum 2.3 grade point average (GPA), and be in good academic standing.  

Throughout the year, the ASG also sponsors a wide range of educational and social events designed to support and enhance students’ experience. Some of these events include:  

• Alcohol Awareness
• American Red Cross Blood Drives
• Spring Fling
• Finals Freebies
• Mock Elections
• Community charities

Students interested in joining the Associated Student Government should visit us online via the RooConnect Portal or contact Jackie Ashbaugh at 330-684-8973 or via e-mail: