Alan Snow, Ph.D.

Alan Snow, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor, Biology Area Coordinator
Research Specialty: Oocyte maturation Gamete physiology Gametogenesis
Dept/Program: Biology-Wayne
Office: Wayne College A-216
Phone: 330.972.8741


Biology Area Coordinator (2010-Present)

Faculty Committee

Phi Theta Kappa (Advisor)

AURCO (Representative)


  • Snow, A.J., “Lecture Capture: Student Performance and Perceptions.” OATYC Journal. in review.
  • Snow, A.J., Puri, P., Acker-Lamer, A., Bouwmeester, T., Vijayaraghavan, S., and Kline, D. “Phosphorylation-dependent interaction of tyrosine 3-monooxygenase/tryptophan 5-monooxygenase activation protein (YWHA) with PADI6 following oocyte maturation in mice.” Biology of Reproduction. 79, 337-347 (2008)
  • Snow, A.J., Vijayaraghavan, S., and Kline, D. “ Phosphorylation of the Oocyte-Embryo Specific Protein PADI6 following Oocyte Maturation.” Mol. Biol. Cell 17, 486. (2006)

Invited Lectures, Presentations, and Workshops:

  • Snow, A.J.,” Lecture Capture: Engaging students by Flipping Classrooms.” OATYC (2015)
  • Snow, A.J., “Metacognition: A Model to Improve Student and Instructor Performance.” AURCO Conference Workshop (2015)
  • Snow, A.J., “Teaching Students How to Read Effectively: Using SQ5R to Improve Student Success.” AURCO (2014)
  • Snow, A.J., “Teaching Students How to Read Effectively: Using Metacognition to Improve Student Success.” OATYC (2014)
  • Snow, A.J., “Three Ways To Improve Student Report Writing.” AURCO (2013)
  • Stanford Brown Inst. “Skeletal, Smooth, and Cardiac Muscle Physiology” (Jan. 2007).
  • Kent State University: “Mammalian Physiology,” (Nov. 2006); “Human Biology,” (July 2007); “Microbiology,” (Sept. 2007); “Biological Foundations,”(Oct. 2007).
  • Baldwin Wallace College “Preparation and Transition from Undergraduate to Graduate Education” (Feb. 2003) and “Female Reproductive Physiology: The Production of a Functional Gamete” (Apr. 2003).


    Doctor of Physiology, with concentrations in Molecular/Cellular Biology and Reproductive Physiology
    Bachelor of Science, concentrations in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology.