Doug WoodsDoug Woods
Associate Professor of Business Management Technology
Program Coordinator
Office:  C-217
Phone:  330-684-8723

Program: Business Management Technology (BMT). BMT is an associate degree program which provides comprehensive education and practical hands-on training in varied business activities designed to prepare students for entry-level management or supervisory positions in business, industry, government, or as a self-employed manager.

Business Management Technology refers to how business does business. The innovations in office equipment, the employee training required, the accounting flow of billing and paying bills, personnel issues, managing the workload - all contribute to the smooth operation of a business office.

What our grads have to say:
The outstanding learning experience at Wayne College made me wish I had attended sooner. The diligence of the faculty and staff made my transition back into the educational environment very easy.
Donald Diglaw,
Plant Manager, Wayne Dalton Door Systems

My time at Wayne College prepared me to be independent and responsible for my own work, with no teachers holding my hand. The professors took the time to learn students’ names, instead of looking at us as just ‘numbers’.”
Lauren Gordon,
General Accountant, Montana Products

Mission Statement: The BMT program at The University of Akron Wayne College will prepare our students to become competent and responsible business professionals and leaders by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and personal qualities necessary for successful careers, additional educational opportunities and more fulfilling lives using a combination of coursework, internships and learning moments.

Program Outcomes:
1. Explain the central importance of customers and other organizational stakeholders in business.
2. Employ basic terms, concepts, and principles used in the fields of accounting, finance, law, management and marketing.
3. Apply analytic and decision-making processes in: human resource; data analysis; management; financial management; customer relations; marketing; and product development.
4. Accurately solve accounting and business problems.
5. Appreciate the value of communication and use effective written and oral communication in a business setting.
6. Apply current legal policies and procedures to accounting, human resources and other business situations.
7. Demonstrate appropriate competence in information technology.
8. Demonstrate an appreciation for the effects of the global economy on business and social systems.
9. Demonstrate how the personal characteristics and behaviors of managers influence success in business.

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Business Management Technology, Assessment of Student Learning, Program Outcomes and Goals (PDF)

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