Honors-Logo-375BE INSPIRED by your professors and by your high-achieving classmates, who come from a variety of backgrounds and possess broad academic interests and achievements, inside the special intellectual community that is The University of Akron Williams Honors College. The Honors College supports student success in every facet of the college experience - in and outside the classroom – through specially designed honors classes, independent study, clubs and organizations. After completing your coursework at Wayne College, you can continue in the Honors College on the Akron campus to graduate as a University Honors Scholar.

The Honors College offers many benefits

  • Honors merit scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000 for most students
  • First priority at class registration so that you can have the classes you need, with the instructors you select, during the semesters and at the hours you prefer
  • Course flexibility: You have greater flexibility to choose courses outside your major and can design your own academic plan.
  • Honors classes: Special sections of introductory courses are smaller with greater opportunity for interaction and exploration.
  • Honors colloquia courses: Small group seminars on special topics will broaden your knowledge and perspective as you learn alongside students from different majors.
  • Academic and career advising: You have an Honors faculty advisor in your major and access to an Honors College career advisor on the Akron campus.
  • Honors lounge: this special Wayne College Lounge offers a common room for studying and socializing equipped with a computer and a blackboard.
  • Honors complex: Open to you as your “home base” on the Akron campus, this special Honors College Residence Hall offers computer labs, classrooms, and a large common room for socializing.
  • One-on-one research with a faculty member in your chosen area of study.
  • Special recognition at graduation and on your transcript.
  • Leadership training for all new Honors students.


For first-time students to Wayne College

For first-time students to The University of Akron Wayne College, please complete the admissions application to Wayne College. You will be considered automatically for admission to the Honors College. 

Applicants who meet the following criteria will be offered admission to the Honors College:

    • ACT of 25 or 26, or SAT of 1,130 to 1,200, and a minimum high school GPA of 3.75; 
      ** OR **
    • a minimum ACT of 27, or a minimum SAT of 1,210, and a minimum high school GPA of 3.50

Upon receiving the acceptance letter from the Honors College, please compete and submit the Honors College Decision Form to finalize the process.

For Wayne College continuing students

Current Wayne College students or transfer students with a minimum GPA of at least 3.6 and under 64 credit hours completed, contact the Honors College at 330-972-8732 to make an appointment.

Continuing students or transfer students have a final deadline for submission of applications of August 15 (if applying for admission for Fall 2016).

Honors-500-IMG_1920-nodateMore benefits

  • Experience the community of a small college environment with the advantages of a large university.
  • Career counseling and graduate scholarship adviser.
  • Access to a wide variety of Student Groups and Associations.
  • Education abroad opportunities help make you more competitive in the global economy and improve your understanding of people from different backgrounds.
  • As a student in the Honors College, you will have opportunities to apply for exceptional fellowships and grants that allow you to advance your research or study at prestigious universities both at home and abroad.
  • Cultivate your leadership skills.
  • Full use of the facilities in the academic wing of the Honors Complex.
  • As an senior undergraduate, you may enroll in up to 6 credits of graduate courses.
  • Of the spring 2012 graduating Honors College students, who responded to a survey, about 80 percent already had jobs lined up or graduate/professional school appointments in place.

Honors College Curriculum
Our curriculum is designed to inspire and challenge.

To complete your studies and graduate as a University Honors Scholar, you will:

  • Select a major.
  • Follow the Honors College Colloquium.
  • Complete the Honors distribution, which exempts honors students from general education requirements for undergraduates.
  • Create an Honors Research Project: i.e., an Honors Thesis or an original or creative work appropriate to your area of interest and meeting high standards of scholarship. Study abroad or field experience may be recognized as part of that project.

Advisers will help you stay on track, and you will often work directly with a faculty member on your research project.

Honors-500-IMG_1905-nodateFor more information, contact Dr. Gatzia (D101)

By phone at:
330-684-8937 or
1-800-221-8308, ext. 8937

By e-mail at:

By mail at:
Dr. Gatzia
Honors College Coordinator
The University of Akron Wayne College
1901 Smucker Road
Orrville, OH 44667