If you are a highly motivated student who wants to be challenged to do your best, then the Honors College is for you. The Honors College supports student success in every facet of the college experience - in and outside the classroom – through specially designed honors classes, independent study, clubs and organizations. After completing your coursework at Wayne College, you can continue in the Honors College on the Akron campus to graduate as a University Honors Scholar.


  • HONORS CLASSES: Special sections of introductory courses are smaller with greater opportunity for interaction and exploration.
  • HONORS COLLOQUIA COURSES: Small group seminars on special topics will broaden your knowledge and perspective as you learn alongside students from different majors.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: You have access to a number of special scholarship opportunities reserved just for Honors College students. These scholarships are renewable without further application for students in good standing.
  • PRIORITY REGISTRATION: You get first priority to register for classes, ensuring that you get the classes you need, with the instructors you select, during the days and times you prefer.
  • COURSE FLEXIBILITY: You have greater flexibility to choose courses outside your major and can design your own academic plan.
  • ACADEMIC AND CAREER ADVISING: You have an Honors faculty advisor in your major and access to an Honors College career advisor on the Akron campus.
  • HONORS COMPLEX: Open to you as your “home base” on the Akron campus, this special Honors College Residence Hall offers computer labs, classrooms, and a large common room for socializing.

The Honors College seeks full-time students pursuing a four-year degree who have demonstrated their ability to excel - whether in school, careers, or life experiences. If you are entering from high school, you will receive first consideration if you have achieved the following criteria. Applicants who meet at least two of the three criteria will also be considered:

  • High school GPA at least 3.50 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • High school class rank in the top 10%
  • ACT composite score of at least 27 or SAT combined score of at least 1800

Continuing students at Wayne College and transfer students should have fewer than 64 credit hours and a minimum college GPA of 3.50 to be considered for Honors College admission.

If you have potential that may not be highlighted in your academic record  or if you are entering college after pursuing a career or other responsibilities, please include with your application a letter describing your circumstances, accomplishments, and goals.


  • If you are an incoming student and you have received an acceptance letter from the Honors College please compete and submit the Honors College Decision Form.
  • If you are a continuing student and wish to apply to the Honors College Wayne College, complete and submit the application form online. You can also obtain an application by calling the Office of Student Services at 800-221-8308, ext. 8900 or by e-mailing the Coordinator of the Honors College or by phone at 330-684-8937.
  • Include your Honors essay and a list of your accomplishments, activities, awards, etc., both at school and in the community.
  • A letter of recommendation is strongly recommended.

Qualified applicants will be invited to interview with Honors College faculty.

Priority for admission and scholarships will be given to applicants who apply no later than March 15th. We will continue to accept applications until May 15th unless the program is filled before that date.

The Honors College at Wayne College offers you unique opportunities to . . .

  • Study and learn with other motivated and successful students

  • Experience the community of a small college  environment with the advantages of a large university

  • Work closely with faculty in small Honors classes and independent study project

  • Explore an enriched academic environment to pursue your personal and professional goals

  • Enjoy a variety of privileges extended only to Honors students

For more information, contact the Honors College at Wayne College

By phone at:
330-684-8937 or
1-800-221-8308, ext. 8937

By e-mail at:

By mail at:
Honors College Coordinator
The University of Akron Wayne College
1901 Smucker Road
Orrville, OH 44667