What is the Distinguished Student Program?
It is an honors program designed to recognize and encourage excellence among academically talented students at Wayne College.  Full and part-time students in any major are eligible. The program consists of two parts: an independent study project (called the Individualized Study Project) during fall semester and an Honors Colloquium in the spring.

Who is eligible?
All Wayne College students who have completed 24 credits by the beginning of fall semester with a 3.4 GPA are eligible to apply.  There is a limit of 25 students for the program.

What is an Individualized Study Project?
It is an independent study project in which students choose a topic that interests them and create a project for further study and exploration.  A faculty adviser assists the student in designing the project, recommends resources, meets with the student regularly to discuss project ideas, and evaluates the student's progress for a final grade.  Students earn 1-credit hour for this project. Topics for projects are as diverse as our student body and may be chosen from any academic or professional area. In addition to individual projects, students may choose a Community Service Project.

What is the Honors Colloquium?
It is a discussion-based seminar that focuses on a particular topic in the social sciences or humanities and examines it in depth. Recent topics have included “Eyes, Lies, and Spies: Privacy in a Changing America,” “In the Midst of Water: Origin and Destiny of Life,” and “From Arthur Anderson to WorldCom: Making The Case(s) for Ethical Behavior.” Typically, the colloquium meets once a week during the spring semester. Students earn 2-credit hours for the colloquium.

What are the benefits of the program?
Students establish a close working relationship with their faculty adviser through the Individualized Study Project. Faculty advisers can provide academic and career advice as well as references and recommendations.
Students gain in-depth knowledge in their field, major, or area of interest.
Depending on their project, students have practical, hands-on experience in their field or major.
If students work with an outside agency or community organization, students can make valuable contacts that can lead to jobs, referrals, recommendations, or references.
Upon completion of the program, students earn the distinction of having an honors program on their transcripts. This is helpful for jobs and professional or graduate programs in an increasingly competitive environment.
The program provides more options for general education or elective courses.  Students in technical programs may, at the discretion of their technical program coordinators, substitute Distinguished Student credits for three required general education credits.  Associate of Arts or science majors may use these credits for electives. Students should direct questions about their specific majors to academic advisers at Wayne College.

What are the program requirements?
To successfully complete the program, students must

  • maintain a 3.4 grade point average
  • successfully complete the Individualized Study Project (1 credit) in the fall
  • successfully complete the Distinguished Student Colloquium (2 credits) in the spring

What is the cost to you?
Distinguished Student participants are awarded a Wayne College Distinguished Student Scholarship to cover the cost of tuition for the Individualized Study Project (one-credit hour) and the colloquium (2 credit-hours). Students pay the general service fees.

How do you become part of the program?
Follow these steps:

  1. Attend the information session in April to find out more about the program and to receive a list of faculty advisers. If you are unable to come, a copy of the list will also be available on this page.
  2. Choose a topic for your Individualized Study Project.
  3. Contact a faculty adviser to discuss your project. Find out if the adviser is willing to work with you during the fall semester.
  4. If you qualify for the program at the end of spring semester, you will receive an application in June. (If you do not receive it by then and think that you are eligible, please contact the director of the program immediately.)
  5. Contact your faculty adviser before the application deadline and ask him/her to send in a Faculty Agreement Form to the director of the program. This form confirms that the faculty adviser will work with you on your Individualized Study Project in the fall.
  6. Complete the application and mail it to the director before the deadline date.
  7. If you are accepted into the program, you will be notified by early August.
  8. Register for the Individualized Study Project (2100:195-701) by the registration deadline for fall semester.
  9. Contact your faculty adviser before or during the first week of fall semester classes to schedule weekly meetings to begin your project.