Comparing the Honors College with the Distinguished Student Program


Criteria for Eligibility
Entering First-Year Students

HS GPA:  3.5 or above
Class Rank:  Top 10% or above
ACT: 27 or above or comparable SAT
   (Student must meet 2 out of 3 of the above)
Four-year baccalaureate program of study
Full-time student, any degree or major

Current Wayne College Students or Transfer Students
College GPA: 3.5
Credit Hours: Less than 64 credit hours
Four-year baccalaureate program of study
Full-time student, any degree or major

Criteria for Eligibility
College GPA:  3.4
Credit Hours: 25-50 (Most classes taken at Wayne College)
Current Wayne College Student (full or part-time, any major or degree/certificate program)

Scholarship Opportunities
Academic merit scholarships available
Scholarships renewed each year if GPA requirements are maintained

Scholarship Opportunities
1 credit hour of tuition in the fall (Individualized Study Project)
2 credit hours of tuition in the spring (Colloquium)
Students pay fees

Academic Study
Honors sections of introductory classes
3 colloquia (humanities, social science, natural science)
Senior Honors Research Project

Academic Study
Individualized Study Project (1 credit hour in the fall)
Distinguished Student Colloquium (2 credit hours in the spring, any discipline)

Application Process
Submit application, essay, list of activities and achievements, letter of recommendation
Deadline for first consideration: March 15th
Applications accepted until May 22nd or until program is full.
Interview with Honors College representative required

Application Process
March/April: Eligible students receive letters and invitation to information sessions.
May: Students receive applications. Deadline: Mid-June.
Late June/Early July: Students are notified of acceptance. (Program limit: 25 students)
Late August: Students begin Individualized Study.
January: Students begin colloquium.
May: Completion of the program.

Length of Program
4 years for new first-year students
Time for remaining coursework for continuing and transfer students

Length of Program
1 year (students have one additional spring to take the colloquium if they are unable to take it immediately after their Individualized Study Project)