The Honors College

As part of The University of Akron Honors College, the Honors College at Wayne College supports an enriched education for motivated and high achieving students. It includes special honors sections of many introductory courses, small colloquia discussion classes, honors scholarships for eligible students, and many more benefits. Find out more about the Honors College, including admission criteria, the application process, and an application form.


The Student Scholars Program

The Student Scholars Program is a one-year honors program designed for current Wayne College students. It is designed to recognize and encourage excellence among academically talented students at the College.  The program consists of two parts: an independent study project (called the Individualized Study Project) during fall semester and an Honors Colloquium in the spring. Find out more about the Student Scholars Program.

See the comparison of requirements, eligibility, and curriculum between the Honors College and the Student Scholars Program.