Mission Statement: Waynessence, the literary magazine of the University of Akron Wayne College, is published for the campus community to provide an audience for aspiring writers and artists.

Waynessence is staffed by student writers and editors and is published semiannually.
Students, faculty, or staff may submit short stories, poetry, photos, or artwork.

Interested or have questions?

Waynessence Editor:

Theresa Rabbitts, editor-in-chief: tm37@uakron.edu

Waynessence Meetings 2015 

 Contact waynessence@uakron.edu to indicate your interest in joining the staff.

Our staff meetings will be on the following
Fridays at 9:00 a.m. in SLB 119:
September 18: Meet new staff members and get organized for the semester.
October 9: Read, proofread, and make recommendations for written submissions.
October 23: Choose and layout the artwork and photography in the book.

Everyone welcome!

Submission Forms
Submission forms are available in the Smucker Learning Center and online.

* Submission Form (PDF).

*Note: Human subjects must sign a publication release form in order for Waynessence to publish their likenesses. Parents may sign for minors, but we still need a signed form.  

2015 Submission deadlines:
Written work (poetry, essays, stories): 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 6
Art, photography, and sketches: 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 20
Please submit all work to waynessence@uakron.edu.
If necessary, submit hard copies to the Smucker Learning Center.


Check out the past issues of Waynessence as PDFs:  

Fall 2015 (PDF) - 1.9MB
Spring 2015 (PDF) - 1.9MB
Fall 2014 (PDF) - 3.4MB
Spring 2014 (PDF) - 2.3MB
Fall 2013 (PDF) - 1.7MB
Spring 2013 (PDF) - 1.2MB
Fall 2012 (PDF) - 2.49MB
Spring 2012 (PDF) - 2.18MB
Fall 2011 (PDF) - 1.83MB
Spring 2011 (PDF) - 1.69MB
Fall 2010 (PDF) - 1.60MB
Spring 2010 (PDF) - 1.46MB
Fall 2009 (PDF) - 1.94MB
Spring 2009 (PDF) - 2.43MB
Fall 2008 (PDF) - 2.40MB
Spring 2008 (PDF) - 3.20MB
Fall 2007 (PDF) - 3.56MB
Spring 2007 (PDF) - 1.68MB
Fall 2006 (PDF) - 1.65MB
Spring 2006 (PDF) - 3.97MB
Fall 2005 (PDF) - 2.19MB
Spring 2005 (PDF) - 2.42MB
Fall 2004 (PDF) - 2.64MB
Spring 2004 (PDF)
- 0.99MB
Fall 2003 (PDF) - 4.91MB
Spring 2003 (PDF) - 4.09MB
Fall 2002 (PDF)
- 1.53MB
Spring 2002 (PDF) - 2.00MB
Fall 2001 (PDF) - 0.74MB
Spring 2001 (PDF) - 2.56MB